Sunday, May 19, 2013

Weekend Smcheekend

Here I am again.
It's Sunday and I'm attempting to document what was our weekend.
We stayed in Charlotte, yet again, but have a fun weekend at the lake planned for this next weekend.

Here's our weekend in pictures.
The weather was nice on Friday evening so we pulled Shelby's exersaucer out on the deck.
She's truly obsessed with this thing.
Best gift ever!
Saturday morning I met up with LSU Meg!
She and her friends drove up from Charleston for the weekend.
So much fun!
We spent over 2 hours talking and drinking wine!
Meg gifted Shelby this darling bubble outfit that I put on her for dinner at our neighbor's house.
We're still enjoying the new camera so I had Brad snap a few pictures of me and the Shelbster before we walked to the neighbors.
This picture is a new favorite of mine!
Shelby was one happy camper at the dinner party.
I was shocked at how good!
Don't mind my crazy hair bump.
I got hot walking over so pulled it back..
Wish Brad would have said something.
And, here we are with the babies!!
You might recall, that we got together a couple of months ago with these same neighbors.
Click here for a recap.
Parker is 2-weeks older then Shelby.
We attempted to get a few pictures of the kiddos together.
It started off good.
Then went south!
Shelby was not bothered at all....
In fact, she tried to console him!
In other news from the weekend we added one of Shelby's school photos to our gallery wall.
We got dressed up and went to church.
And, enjoyed lunch with a friend.
They wouldn't let me bring the stroller in so I had Shelby sit in the high chair.
I thought she 'might' be ready but it turns out she's not.
We used a few table clothes and a changing pad to prop her up.
She didn't mind!
She was GREAT!!
And, that's a wrap!
This week is go time for me.
Knowing that I have to be in a swimsuit this next weekend has be VERY motivated to cut the carbs and the wine this week to shed a few pounds.
I'm also determined to hit the gym!


MCW said...

You could never mistake your little one for a boy ;)

Love Parkers faces in those pictures.

Anonymous said...

That is so cute that Shelby tried to make her friend feel better :) Her outfit is adorable.

And I am really loving how your gallery wall is turning out! Beautiful pictures and the frames look great! :)

Allena said...

I can't believe a restaurant wouldn't let you bring in your stroller. Weird! And seriously, Shelby is SO adorable.

donatelli98 said...

You look fab! I have 5:30 am boot camp this week! Shelby is the happiest baby ever!!

Coco said...

I'm cutting wine this week too. Let's try to motivate each other. I do so love my wine after the kids go to bed. ugh.

Mandy said...

I just love the pic of the other baby crying and Shelby playin with her foot, smilin away! She couldn't be any cuter! Go you! I thought I would be motivated today, but here I set. We are headed to Greece this weekend...getting into a bathing suit will be interesting for sure!

natasha {schue love} said...

Shelby is too too cute!! And I so need to cut the wine and carbs too! ;)

Unknown said...

Looks like fun, getting changed to go work with my trainer- two more weeks until Hawaii!

Ashley said...

hahah, aww so cute she tried to console him. Such a happy little girl.

Kate @ Daffodils said...

She seems like such a happy baby, I love it! Your gallery wall is gorgeous.

Leigh Powell Hines said...

I think those baby shots are so funny. It cracks me up.