Monday, May 27, 2013

Mommy and Daddy Day Out!

We are so very.very.very LUCKY to have both set of our parents living in driving distance of us.
My parents are 2 1/2 hours away and have now seen Shelby every single month of her life and Brad's parents are only an hour drive and we so lucky to see them a lot too.
This Memorial Day weekend, we spent the weekend at Brad's parents house.
They live in the Spencer/Salisbury area on High Rock Lake that happens to be near a ton of vineyards.
The closest and our favorite is Childress.
On Friday, Shelby's school was closed so we both took the day off and headed up to their house around lunchtime.
They offered to keep Shelby while we enjoyed a little bit of 'Mommy and Daddy time' at Childress.
Always so pretty but especially this time of year.
If you know Dee, you know I love wineries.
It's sort of ridonkulous.
We ordered a bottle of wine for lunch and enjoyed it with a little lunch.
We actually looked at getting married here but it just wasn't big enough for our group.
After lunch we headed back to the house and while Grammy and Paw Paw watched Shelby Brad and I took a little boat ride.
Gosh, it was a beautiful weekend despite it being cooler than past Memorial Day weekends.
Hello happy place!!
We were also reunited with Buddy.
He has spent the last 2 weeks with Brad's parents for a little R&R, but he's back home now.
Good times..
Good times..
Not going to lie.
I was moving a little slow the next day but it was worth every last drop!!
Tomorrow the rest of our Memorial Day weekend!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you two had such a nice day :) Your pizza looks delicious and I would have loved to spend the evening on a boat! How relaxing!

Nicole {Appalachian Charm} said...

I love wineries too. Glad you had a great weekend!

Ashley said...

You had a great weather weekend! Ours was HORRIBLE. Yesterday I guess was decent but the rest was cold and rainy :( We should have had a mommy and daddy day for our anniversary this weekend, but we were so busy, so maybe another day soon!

donatelli98 said...

Looks amazing!!

Unknown said...

What fun, our lives are COMPLETELY different now that we have grandparents close by. It's a blessing for us all. We don't have that many wineries in FL. I'll miss that from NC and VA.

Tricia said...

Girl, you made me so relaxed. Some wine and a gorgeous day out on the water...heaven!! Looks like you really did have a great weekend. And I love that Shelby gets to see her grandparents so much. Nothing better than growing up with fun memories & your grandparents. xo

Unknown said...

Your pictures of High Rock are not what I imagine it must have looked like at the peak hours. I grew up going to Badin (next lake up from High Rock). Holiday weekends were always the crazy times. Love some Childress, too!