Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day 2013 (my first)

My first official Mother's Day was a fabulous one.
We had a killer weekend, and I have several posts to get through it all, but for today I'm only highlighting today, Mother's Day.

My parents came in for the weekend and we started our day at early, 8:30am, church.
Brad bought me a new camera, Nikon D3100, for Mother's Day, so we took the opportunity after church to get some family pictures.
So happy to be able to spend the day with my Mom, on my first Mother's Day.
I think Shelby was pretty over it by this picture! 
We enjoyed breakfast out then headed home to open gifts and exchange cards.
I made personalized cards for both of our Moms this year using Treat.
Gosh, I'm obsessed with that site.
I bought my Mom an A. Liz original, nautical necklace.
She loves!
Then it was my turn.
As I said, my big gift from Brad was a fabulous new camera.
And, my parents went all out too.
(I love this picture of Shelby looking at Buddy. She's mesmorized)
They bought me a picture frame that said Mom and a Pandora bracelet!!
It included a Mom charm and a cross.
After gifts my parents headed home and we headed up to the lake to see Brad's mom!
Giving the nice weather we decided to take a boat ride.
Shelby's first boat ride!!
She loved it!
She didn't even cry in the life jacket!
We were so excited!!
This Summer will be great!
Mr. Buddy was glad to be out in the sunshine and on the water too.
We even left him up there for the week.
He is going to have a GREAT time!
Even though we are going to miss his 8th birthday on Wednesday.
Then my FIL grilled us up a late lunch.
And, we dined out on the deck.
Perfect way to end Mother's Day!
Happy Mother's Day once again to both of our Moms!
And, to all of you Moms out there too!!


Jordan Cole said...

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO YOU!! It blows my mind every time I see Shelby how much she looks likes a baby doll, so beautiful. I'm glad you had such a wonderful weekend and I love that SC palmetto/moon visor ;)

Ashley said...


Allena said...

Happy Mother's Day! I'm so glad you had a great day!!

LuLu said...

Oh my gosh I love it! The pics are great, I can't wait to see Miss Shelby on the boat.

Kelsi Strong said...

Aww yay! Happy Mother's Day to you :) Shelby is a doll. You always dress her so cute. Love it.

donna said...

Happy Mother's Day to you! Looks like it was a great one!

April of Smidge Of This said...

Okay, question: does Shelby ever throw a flat-out tantrum? I swear, every time I see her sweet face she is coo-ing and smiling like the Gerber baby that she is! She's truly adorable, Dee.

What a special day for you. I'm so happy for you.

Your mom is going to ROCK that necklace, I love it! Thank you for thinking of me :)

How are you liking the new camera?

Coco said...

Happy Mother's Day! Shelby is such a mini me of Brad!!!!

Coco said...

Happy Mother's Day!

donatelli98 said...

So happy for you!! Love your gifts!!

Rachel said...

Happy first Mother's Day!

Jo said...

Looks like you had a fabulous first Mother's Day! Enjoy every day, it goes by all too fast!


starnes family said...

Baby bjorn: love. Lainey lived in hers for a year. GREAT family pic at the lake. Yall look so good!

Courtney B said...

Oh her diaper cover is ADORABLE!! So cute!
I love how there are so many events where you live. I wish we had fun stuff like this to go to all the time!
Happy belated first Mother's Day! It sounds like it was a perfect weekend :)

Monica said...

What a fantastic day! I love my Nikon and am so glad I got a good camera with a little one.

Happy 1st Mother's Day to you!

Unknown said...

That's one heck of a day! Happy first Mother's Day (a week late)!