Friday, May 17, 2013

Mama Night Out and Rikshaw Designs

I'm sure many of you are like me and your email inbox periodically fills up with invites to 'parties' for network marketing companies such as Stella and Dot, 31, Pampered Chef and so on.
Not to offend anyone, but they're really not my thing.
I've been to dozens of them over the years and I feel that a lot of the stuff is overpriced and unfortunately I've experienced very aggressive hostesses that look down on you if you decide not to purchase anything or spend less than $25.

But in saying that, I really do enjoy trunk shows where a new line of clothing is introduced that you cannot buy in stores.
In fact, I would love to be invited to a Matilda Jane trunk show here in Charlotte but am unaware of anyone who sells for them.
So if you're in town, hit me up!!
Getting to the point of this post..
Months ago my cousin, Cindy, who use to be a designer for Pottery Barn in San Francisco, mentioned that she was hosting a trunk show for her friend Catherine's clothing line, Rikshaw Designs.
Catherine and Cindy worked at Pottery Barn together for years and Cindy jumped at the chance to be able to share her designs with her Charlotte friends and family.
Of course, I LOVE a night out, and after visiting the Rikshaw Designs website was excited to see the clothes in person.
Love being able to spend time with my cousin!!
(yes, I should have put self tanner on my legs)
The Rikshaw clothing is a bohemian line inspired by Catherine's travels to India.
I just love the fabrics that are Indian block printing.
So many fun choices for the Summer for me...
And, for Shelby.
Rompers and dresses.
And, sun hats..
As I mentioned, the line is created with Indian color blocking.
Read more about it by clicking here and here.
There were beach cover ups and robes.
I may have bought this fish kurta for myself.
Cindy and Marissa were the hostesses for the night.
As you can see they're styling the classic kurtas too.
I think they look fabulous.
Marissa is even pregnant with her 3rd child and wearing one!
Such a fun way to drink some wine, meet new people and shop!
Don't you just love the fabrics?
I thought of my friend Hopsy when I saw this print.
And, this is one my personal favorites.
I bought Shelby a romper in it.
I almost bought this kurta since it is purple and gold.
LSU colors!
I loved it all.
Can't wait to get my goodies in the mail.
A Rikshaw Design trunk show is rare so I doubt there will be one coming to your town anytime soon but if you're interested in buying any of these pretties check our their website by clicking here.
There is also bedding and so much more!
Thanks to my cousin Cindy for inviting me!
I enjoyed a 'Mama' night out and enjoyed getting to see this clothing line in person even more!!


donna said...

I adore that top with anchors...I'm seeing Rikshaw designs on all blogs and have been thinking of getting myself one.

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

This looked like so much fun! Everything is that elephant print! xx

Monica said...

I've never seen this before. Very cute and comfortable looking. I'm totally with you on the pushy sales people. Almost makes me want to delete friends with their push sales tactics. Origami Owl is my number 1 hate right now! Haha.

southernbellejm said...

love your lilly top in drama queen:)

also, i love rikshaw. i forget how i found out about them a few years back, but there stuff is SO cute. i love to send RD for baby gifts!

Unknown said...

I love this line! I think I need to look into it. Looks like a fun night out, too!
Lulu and Daisy