Monday, April 13, 2015

Jam Packed Fun Spring Weekend!

We had a really fun weekend right here in the Queen City.
It started out with a Friday fun food meal.

I try and do different, fun meals on Fridays for Shelby.
She wasn't as taken with this one, but she still ate most of it.
This is called, meatball sub on a stick. 
I made the meatballs and wrapped crescent rolls around them on skewers. 
Baked for 20-minutes, then sprinkled with cheese at the last minute.
Saturday morning Brad had an early tee time to play golf so it was just 'girl time' for me and Shelbs.
We walked up to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast then for a big power walk afterwards.

She enjoyed a sprinkle donut but I had an egg white flat bread.
 Something fun and different rather than just eating at home.
 The weather was pretty epic here this weekend.
Sunny and in the mid to high 70's.
We decided it was time to spruce up our deck with some Spring flowers so we made our way to Lowe's.
Shelby loved being able to help pick out the flowers and colors she wanted.
 After a nap and lunch Brad made his way home and we met up with some friends at local Birdsong Brewery.
They just moved to a new location so we wanted to check it out.
I would say that the new space is much bigger and nicer, but the parking lot is a disaster.
I'm going to be honest too.
I'm just not a huge fan of beer and especially not theirs.
It was fun to get out and see friends for a while though!
 Shelby really enjoyed seeing Mr. Josh and Ms. Katie and Baby Jack.
 Is he not the prettiest baby ever?
My word, his eyes are gorgeous.
Shelby is taken with him too!
 Birdsong isn't overly family friendly unlike Old Mecklenburg Brewery here in town, so we didn't hang out as long as we usually would have.

Instead, I talked Brad into hitting up the theme park by our house, Carowinds, for a few hours.
You might recall we bought season passes in the Fall for 2015, and the park just opened a few weeks ago for the Spring and Summer.

It was pretty crowded but we stayed for just over an hour and Shelby was able to ride 3 rides.
She loved it!
 Unlike back in October when we visited the park, she liked the coaster much more this time.
She was actually laughing.
I can't wait for more days at the park!
 Sunday we knew we had a jam packed afternoon, so we spent the morning doing errands such as grocery shopping.
 Then we met up with my BIL and SIL and the cousins for brunch.
Shelby loves her cousins!
Can't wait for them to do a sleepover at my MIL's this Summer.
 Sunday Brunch isn't complete without a few cocktails.
Check this whopper out!
 Giving that the weather as as perfect as it was on Saturday we hit the lake with friends LuLu and Keith and Bryan and Shannan.
Keith and Lu are so awesome to invite us out all the time with Shelby.
 It was a great day and Shelby made a new friend, Braxton.
 His parents are neighbors to Keith and Lu and bought a new boat that is pretty darn nice!
 Mr. Brad thinks so too! 
 Good times with old and new friends.
 Shelby finally, even warmed up to Mr. Bryan!
This HAD to be captured on camera for sure!
 The day ended with Captain Shelby helping drive us home.
 Then, while everyone went home to enjoy dinner, Lu and I decided to sneak over to Carowinds right before closing time to ride the park's newest roller coaster, The Fury.

This new addition is touted the highest and fastest coaster on the East Coast.
I believe it!!!!
It was pretty darn cool!!
 We only waited in line for 35 minutes or so which allowed us time to get in one more ride while out there.
Such an AWESOME way to end the weekend!!
Yes, I guess I'm a kid at heart too!!
Do you blame me???

I ate and drank way too much in the last week or so, and now it's time to get serious and get back into my Summer shorts.
No carbs, no wine(at least not until the weekend), and lots of water and apple cider vinegar are in my future.

How as your weekend??


Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

We also went to Lowe's for plants Saturday! As usual, Shelby's wardrobe is perfection.

Allena said...

How many outfits did Shelby wear just on Saturday?? Ha! Such a great weekend!

Sarah O said...

I love that you try to make food fun. This post has inspired me to update my planters too. Project for this weekend if the rain holds out.