Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013 Picture Overload

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone but this year was more special and fun because it was the first one we spent with Shelby.
Last year, we hosted dinner at our house and I was in hopes that she would make her appearance that week, but it didn't happen for another 3-weeks.
This year, our holiday started on Tuesday evening when my nephew and his girlfriend Anna drove in from Louisiana.
They were so sweet to bring Shelby her first, 1st birthday gift.
A darling LSU outfit for next Summer/Fall.
As you can see, Shelby was really into the card!
 On Wednesday morning we all got up and drove 2 1/2 hours East to my parent's house near Fort Bragg.
Shelby was welcomed with more toys than we have at our house and my parents even converted one room into a nursery.
My parents poodle aka photo bomber.
 My Mom had the place very festive looking.
 And, they were super helpful as usual.
 The next morning we got up and got started on the meal.
Brad was on turkey duty as usual.
 Then later on, wagon duty.
My parents got this for Shelby's 1st birthday and we went and ahead and brought it home. 
 All while I was setting our Thanksgiving table.
My Mom had a vision and I made it happen.
I love making things pretty.
 It was really great seeing my nephew Preston again.
The time spent in Baton Rouge last month was busy and I didn't get to visit with him that much.
It was different this time.
(BTW.. this is the oldest grandchild for my parents and Shelby is the youngest)
 Preston's adorable girlfriend Anna.
We just love her.
They've been together for 3 1/2 years.
Almost the amount of time Brad and I have been married.
She's 21 and a junior at LSU.
My nephew is 23, so they're not in any hurry to get married.
 More food than we probably needed.
All delicious.
 Happy girl after the blessing.
 Baby girl loved her some traditional Thanksgiving dinner.
 Family photos galore, because that's what we do.
Thanksgiving night after about who knows how many glasses of vino.
 Preston and his girlfriend played us a few tunes.
This is the first time Shelby has heard them.
She bounced up and down.
Totally cute to see!
 On Friday morning we said goodbye to everyone and headed back West towards home stopping for the night at Brad's parents house.
It's there that we got to see our other nephew and niece.
Paige really liked Shelby's new wagon.
 As did Reed.
Everyone got a turn, even if there was some negotiating.
 My MIL and FIL had been hard at work getting up Christmas decor.
Their yard always looks great.
 Don't mind all of our toys behind the trellis.
Our camper, their pontoon, BIL's ski boat.
Rindonkulous for sure.
Shelby got some Paw Paw time.
 And, some Grammy time.
Grammy even got the kids their own Christmas trees!
Shelby's is on the left and will be incorporated into her 1st birthday party.
There's a new grand kid to the mix.
Meet Ellie.
8-week old lab puppy who belongs to BIL and SIL.
She wore us out!
Buddy wasn't too thrilled but it's time for him to share the dog spotlight.

After Ellie and Shelby went down for naps we helped Grammy decorate the tree and house.
 Then Saturday morning we got up and headed home and started on our own Christmas decorating.
That's entire post for tomorrow.
Overall, a fabulous holiday week, it's just going to be hard getting up and going to work tomorrow after nearly a week of sleeping in!
I expect even Shelby to have a hard time!
She got more off schedule than has EVER happened before.
A little out of my comfort zone but it happens.

Hope you all had a great Turkey Day too, now let's let the holidays begin!!


donna said...

Looks like a great thanksgiving! You are looking fabulous D!

Anonymous said...

Glad you all had such a happy Thanksgiving :) Shelby's hat is adorable. I love it!

Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

Love love love the pic of Shelby in the wagon w/ the cute little hat!

Sara said...

Looks like y'all had a great Thanksgiving! She's going to love that wagon too!

Ashley said...


MCW said...

I love your dad on the floor with Shelbs and brads dad holding her hand in that darling skirt. Looks like a perfect thanksgiving! Glad Shelbs got some real turkey! Yummm

starnes family said...

Oh so fun! Love all the decor and your family pics are darling....both with your parents and just your family. Love your dress!