Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Party, Party, Parties.....

The Friday and Saturday before Shelby's 1st birthday bash we actually had 4 parties to attend!!
Two holiday related and the other a birthday and an engagement party.

It started out with the Holiday Open House at Shelby's nursery school.
They even had a visit from Santa.
We got Shelby and her BFF, McKayla to sit on his lap together.
 This was my favorite.
I love how it looks like McKayla is talking to him and Shelby is just taking it all in.
 Saturday afternoon our neighbors celebrated their son, Parker's birthday.
He was born 2-weeks before Shelby even though me and his Mom were due the same day.
She was a week early and I was a week late.

The theme was girafee!
Super cute!
BBQ and all the fixings.
The favors were super cute.
Girafees on a stick.
They actually made them with a mold.
Happy Birthday sweet boy!
My bald baby!
Next up was Brad's cousin Katie's engagement party at VGB here in Charlotte.
Getting married May 1st!
The theme was ugly sweater.
We had another party to go to, so we didn't follow dress code.
Then we headed back to our part of town and hit up our neighbor's holiday party.
Can you believe this is the only photo I took?
The neighborhood 3-amigos.
So great to have great friends in our neighborhood.
Despite what anyone says, these are life long friends.
This weekend? More parties but at least not any in our house!
Hope your holiday season has gotten off to a great start!!


Annie said...

You guys are party animals!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's a lot of parties before hosting your own. I bet you guys were tired!

Monica said...

That's a pretty darn good Santa!

MCW said...

Ugly sweater is such a funny theme for an engagement party. I love it!

starnes family said...

I love your bald baby!

And, that green reindeer sweater? Fabulous.