Monday, December 9, 2013

Shelby's Winter ONEderland

Shelby officially turns one-year old on Thursday, 12/12, but we decided to celebrate her birthday this past weekend because of the holidays and commitments that everyone tends to have the farther into the month.

As I posted about a few weeks ago, I chose a Winter ONEderland theme giving she has a winter birthday, not to mention, it's around the holidays.

I took inspiration from her invite and tried to carry it throughout the party.
My Mom was excited when she found out the theme and really went over and beyond what I would have ever dreamed when it comes to being creative and finding decorations for the party.

She made this gorgeous wreath for our front door which has now been re-purposed for Shelby's bedroom door.
As I mentioned last week, I put together a pink and green Christmas tree with ornaments given to her by her Grandmothers.
That was seen right as you walk into the first floor of our house along with the stuffed version of Buddy looking festive for Shelby's Winter ONEderland!
 I took this picture the morning of her party to have on the table.
I felt the dress was perfect for the picture and went with the snowflake theme.
As you walked up our stairs to our 2nd floor you were greeted with favors that included Chex Mix, Monkey Munch.
Always a holiday favorite and something tasty guests could take home and enjoy later.
A co-worker helped me create the stickers.
He took her invite and designed it.
I printed them out at Office Depot.
Then, for the party room.
It included her Christmas tree her Grammy bought her last year decorated to fit the theme.
Other decorations in the room included an angel and star my Mom picked up and fresh flowers I bought the morning of the party.
The party table is beyond anything I imagined.
I saw a picture on Pinterest but to me this puts that one to shame.
My blog is private so I'm not sure I'm going to Pin any of these pictures.
I ask that you don't either.
 The sign was also made by my co-worker and printed out at Office Depot.
The reindeer were finds by my Mom along with the big white tree.
The plates are real glass and one of the best investments I've ever made.
I bought 26 of them at Garden Ridge back when I was single and use them all the time when entertaining.
(suggestion by my cousin)
Much classier than paper products in my opinion.
 The punch bowl is new.
My Mom and dad found it at an antique store and bought it for Brad and I for Christmas.
It's larger than life and has 26 cups!!
I adore it!!
 The snowflakes and ornaments hanging from the chandelier were Wal-Mart and Hobby Lobby.
 We set the party for 2pm on a Sunday afternoon because again, it's the holidays and people have other plans most of the time.
Giving that, we made it desserts and drinks.

 Drinks included a hot chocolate bar.

 Beer, wine, and the punch on the table.
The bunting was re purposed from her baptism brunch.
I added the doilies to make it more snowflake and winter looking.
 Then guests started to arrive!
 And, the party girl in her baby faux Chanel was ready to party!
 Literally, the cutest thing I've ever seen even if she is my own daughter.

 I was determined to find a unique way of displaying her monthly pictures.
My Mom came up with this.
Love it and we'll have them forever to use on her tree!!
Fits in with the theme of the party too!
 The birthday girl with Grammy.
 And, with GiGi.
So lucky to have all of our parents at the party.
 We invited Shelby's best friend from school, McKayla.
These two are only 4-days apart in age and have been in nursery school from the beginning together.
The teachers have talked and talked about the bond that they have.
Super sweet and I felt really lucky that they came even though we had only met them in pickup.
 We invited family and a few close friends.
This wasn't meant to be a kid party, even though there were a few.
 Mainly Shelby's cousins.
Zarah and Lana.
And, Reed and Paige.
I didn't go all out on a big cake because we were having desserts.
So I ordered a 5-inch cake with cupcakes.
The topper was from our wedding cake.
 A special bib minus a birthday hat.
I knew she wouldn't keep it on.

 Then it was time to smash the cake!

I let Reed do the honors and blow out the candle.
 She didn't really know what to do but Daddy helped out with smashing it for her.
 Shelby's other friend Parker, who had his 1st birthday the day before, also showed up.
One of many babies Shelby's age in our neighborhood.
 Loved watching her play with the other kids.
They had a ball!
 Then it was time to open gifts.
 She was amazingly behaved and interested!!
 Brad and I got her the Bitty Baby from American Girl as her first ever baby doll!
 She got a fur vest from Miss LuLu.
 Clothes, and toys from a variety of people then recorded Christmas books from my parents.
 It was a great day!
 Thanks again to everyone who took time out of their busy holiday schedule to be a part of it and a huge thanks to my Mom for her talent, time and everything else!
 Now, how to top that on her actual birthday come Thursday??


Nikki said...

Looks like it was a great party! Happy first birthday to Miss Shelby!

starnes family said...

ADORE it all. The table is fabulous!!!!! Well done on a great party, an awesome first year and surviving parenthood!

Unknown said...

Nothing less than I expected! Now, how do I measure up?? Lol! I need you and your mom's decorating talents! Thanks for the ideas though as I am totally stealing some of these ideas!!!

Sara said...

Love it all!! Everything looks fabulous!!
Happiest Birthday to Miss Shelby!!

donatelli98 said...

Your mom is amazing Dee!! Love all if the details especially the ornaments with her monthly pics!!! She is the cutest!!

Mariel C. said...

I LOVE these pictures! You and your mom went all out and it turned out so perfectly. I seriously love everything. Shelby is a lucky girl! How fun!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe she's one already! Happy birthday to Shelby :) Her birthday looks like it went wonderfully. I love all of the details. Especially the wreath your mom made - it looks amazing!

Allena said...

Love everything! I might steal a few ideas for Drew's party. :) I love how you incorporated a little bit of Christmas without going overboard - I want to try to avoid Christmas for Drew's party since her bday is AFTER Christmas, but I can't decide. Debating taking the tree down?? We'll see if I find the time!

Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

I love this theme!!! Oh my goodness that fur vest is going to be so cute on her. Oh, and we have the same granite!

Mandy said...

My goodness, everything looks so awesome! And btw- I was totally eying those glass plates. I may need to look into something similar.

Ashley said...

Amazing!! It came out so well! I love her outfit. Such a fun party!

Leigh Powell Hines said...

What a beautiful party. I loved the way you did the ornaments with her photos. Just gorgeous. Liza just came in and asked, "Who's that baby? She's cute!"

Tricia said...

Oh.My.Goodness....girl, I don't even know where to begin! This looks so incredibly perfect and precious. Every last details. And the Winter ONEderland...that's killing me it's so fabulous! Seriously, you made this party incredible, and kudos to your Mom too. Miss Shelby looks so sweet and happy as always, and I'm loving that fur vest she got. A big happy birthday to that sweet girl. Congrats for putting together such an amazing party. I know who to come to for my next event. :)

Unknown said...

Amazing! Her party is beautiful! You did a wonderful job! Sooo sweet!


Monica said...

Beautiful party for a beautiful little girl! Can't believe she is already 1! Everything turned out just perfect!

MCW said...

Looks magical! Just what I was thinking it should be like. Good job mama :) xo

donna said...

You did such a great job! Beautiful party. Happy birthday Shelby!!!

Mindy said...

Oh my goodness, this is amazing! Can you please plan my next get-together?! I seriously am saving this idea and may copy you for when my little girl is 1...February is still winter, right?! You are an amazing party planner and decorator!! Happy birthday, Shelby!!

Unknown said...

Everything is gorgeous! Congrats Dee...definitely a reason to celebrate.