Friday, September 7, 2012

LSU Wreath and Free Fall Printable

I've been in 'nesting' mode around the house this week and I think Brad is ready to jump out of the window.
As I mentioned yesterday, the first attempt at the photo/gallery wall was a mess but thanks to the BEST.HUSBAND.EVER it happened after all!
I want to wait until it is all done to share with you so you'll have to wait a week or two.
My other projects have included starting a pregnancy and baby scrapbook and decking our house out for football season.
I was originally ready to bust out the Fall decor but have since decided to wait a few weeks.

I made an LSU wreath for our front door!
You might recall, that I used this purple and gold wreath for Mardi Gras season back in February knowing I would recycle it this Fall.
There isn't a lot of LSU decor to be found in this neck of the woods so I was at a loss of what I could put on the wreath until my DG sorority sister from college, and fellow blogger came to the rescue.
At the Starnes Family blog she's offering up free subway art printables like this one.
I decided to use the LSU one she is giving away as a center piece.
I had it laminated in case it rains.
Brad doesn't like.
His words were.
'That looks dumb. Not sure why we need an LSU wreath.'
I'll have to take a better picture of the front of our house. 
There is also an LSU garden flag to make sure the hood knows who we're rooting for.
 Aside from this LSU art, The Starnes Family and Mom's Little Secrets on Facebook is also giving away this free Fall subway art printable.
I have mine printed and ready to go when I get my decor out. 
I plan to put in a frame and display in our house.
But there are all kinds of things you could do it with it.
So, be sure to become a fan of Mom's Little Secrets on Facebook and go and grab it for yourself!!!
That's all for today!!


eas said...

Love the lsu wreath and I always smile when i walk or drive by a house that represents their college.

Annie said...

Brad's comments crack me up!

Ashley said...

HA. Looks good!!

MCW said...

Brad is such a guy. Cracks me up.

donatelli98 said...

Love Brad's comment - sounds so much like Dennis!! said...

Love the printable! great idea!

Leigh Powell Hines said...

Brad cracks me up. Does DG stand for Delta Gamma? I can't remember which house you were in. If it does stand for that then you'll like to know that is the house I tapped into for all my sitters this year.

Anonymous said...

Such a great wreath! You did a great job! I want to make a fall wreath to hang on our door, but for some reason, every time I'm in the store to buy the supplies I back out. I think it will turn out really bad, and just don't want to waste $30+. We'll see. Maybe I'll work up the guts to do it before the season is over! It just seems so intimidating!