Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Halls are Decked!

The halls are decked and I'm relieved!
Brad and I are both weird about putting Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving so we waited not knowing whether or not Shelby would arrive before we got our tree up.
(actually, I was more concerned with it then he was)

Anyway, everything is up.
I didn't do as much as I generally do because I know we have to tear it all down after Shelby is here and I'm not sure how much energy we're going to have.
The main thing is - I didn't use real greenery in the house this year.
I'm not missing it.
It's a mess and a pain.
 Speaking of pain.
My ankles and legs were hurting in the process of decorating.
If it wasn't for my Mom all of this would have NEVER happened.
I did a lot of sitting and laying in between helping.
I truly...can't thank her enough!
I told Brad last night that it would have never happened if it wasn't for her.
He said he would have made sure the tree got up but it wouldn't have been as fancy as she helped make it.
 This is the first year we don't have a bow as a topper.
I bought a lot of stuff after Christmas last year on sale.
 Including the gold fleur de lis ribbon.
The mantle is a mixture of a whole lot of stuff.
 Including a new stocking for Miss Shelby.
I eventually want to get monogrammed stockings for all of us but have decided to wait until after Christmas when everything is on sale.
 Collection of Santa cut-outs handmade by my MIL.
Dining room table.
I wish my camera took better pictures.
And, the lighting isn't great so you can't get the real effect.
 Aside from our outside decorations that's the tour!
Do you have your halls decked yet?


MCW said...

Looks beautiful!

My grandmother made a cut out Santa just like your larger one. Love it.

KatiePerk said...

Gorgeous! You will have such a pretty backdrop for Shelby's first holiday pics!

Jo said...

It all looks fabulous! Can your mom come to Connecticut and decorate my home? :)


Unknown said...

So beautiful! I need to get on my decor asap! You've got quite a set up :)

donatelli98 said...

Looks,great! We just finished our inside decorations tonight!!

Leigh Powell Hines said...

That looks lovely!

Anonymous said...

Your decorations look great! We are just starting to decorate for Christmas!


love jenny xoxo said...

looks beautiful!!! Very nice of your mom to help out :) Hope you take it easy until baby S arrives!


Ashley said...

You do SUCH a nice job!!! I love it all.

Tricia said...

Your decorations look gorgeous. I love your tree, and I know your Mom must have been a huge help! Girl, you better stay off those feet..your poor ankles look so swollen. :( Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. My tree is going up this weekend, and can't wait! :)

starnes family said...

Yay for a new stocking!

donna said...

Looks fabulous! Love it!

I Do Declare said...

Looks fantastic!

Lauren @ Love, Water and Wine said...

So gorgeous! Thanks for the inspiration - I really need to get my decor up asap!

Monica said...

I, like you, did not put everything out this year because I was also thinking about trying to get things packed away with a baby. I got the tree and the stockings out and a few other little items and I'm happy with that.

Love your decor and love the added stocking this year! You are in for a love you have never known before!! It will be the BEST.CHRISTMAS.EVER!