Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving has come and gone and Shelby still isn't here!
We hosted Brad's family and my parents here at our house and it could not have happened without everybody's help.
 I still managed to throw a tablescape together but it was made up of items I already had.
I decided on a turkey pumpkin for the centerpiece.
My MIL bought me these pieces last year so this was my first time to use them.
Cute or what?
 Table cloth, place mats, napkins and hurricane vases already in house.
I thought about taking the corks out of vases and putting in fall items but decided to keep them because my place card holders are wine corks.
 Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
And, one VERY pregnant ME!
My belly gets bigger and bigger each week.
I'm 38 1/2 weeks now and gained 3-pounds last week.
I'm at 27 total now and I'm afraid what is going to happen in the next few weeks if I go overdue.
 Our nephew Reed.
 The kids are starting to get really excited about having a cousin.
It's cute.
Can't wait to see them in the hospital when Shelby is born.
I even found little gifts I bought for them after Christmas last year that I plan to give them when they come visit.
I think I'm going to tell them they're from Shelby.
Back to our Thanksgiving.
Brad and his Dad deep fried our turkey.
When I went downstairs to take pictures of them doing it I found this.
 No words friends.
No words.
 Meanwhile, the other two men were enjoying the day by snoozing.
(My Dad and Brad's brother)
 The turkey and everything was truly delicious.
 Thanks to my Mom and my MIL for making it all happen!
My only contribution was a pie, which I forgot to take a picture of.
 GREAT time was had by all.
 Even Budster... who was overfed tons of turkey and threw up twice today.
Today was spent tearing down Fall and putting up Christmas.
More on that in my next post.
How was your Thanksgiving??


MCW said...

You look like you have a pumpkin up your shirt :)

We had a dog up here that had too much turkey as well! I am just happy I wasn't home when it happened.

Mikelle Jade said...

Looks DELICIOUS, and I love your decorations, the centerpiece is cute!

and baby girl, please come soon! Can't wait for you to be a mama!

Mandy said...

Love the photo of the guys sleeping. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Everything looks great - your table looks amazing! So glad you all had such a nice Thanksgiving! I love your headband. It's really cute :)

We went up to visit Brian's parents for Thanksgiving. I can't believe it, but I didn't take a single picture!


Sarah O said...

Dee you look amazing and your table beautiful!

Unknown said...

I know you are ready for Shelby to arrive. Thanksgiving looked wonderful. I love fried turkey!
I didn't take pictures of ours this year (drives my sister crazy), but it looks the same every year...our menu rarely changes. Wishing you well with Shelby's arrival.

donatelli98 said...

I am dying laughing about Buddy! I know that isn't fun cleaning up but still funny! Looks like a great time!!

alexandra occasions said...

literally, beautiful. everything. you. the table. the family. truly blessed, Dee.

(and, p.s. i love the silverware that is on the table)

Wiz said...

You look great!! You are so close! Cant wait to hear about Shelby's arrival! I went to the doctor this week and had gained 6 pounds in two weeks! I am to 31 lbs now, ugh. I am jealous you are so close. Hope you are feeling well!

donna said...

I love how you make having guests and celebrating the holidays look so easy. You are so talented and crafty!