Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Holiday House Gives Decorating Inspiration

I heart the holidays.
It's by far my favorite time of the year.
This year we're getting the best gift ever..our baby girl Shelby!
I've had a lot of people ask me if I'm still going to decorate for Christmas despite having a baby right as the holiday season begins.
Well, the answer is, YES!!

I went crazy after Christmas last year buying things 75 and 90% off so I can't wait to put a bunch of it out. Plus, Shelby needs to have a proper first Christmas. Right?
Giving all of that, when I heard there was a holiday home tour this past weekend I was all over it because who can't use a little decorating inspiration.

A fundraiser for the Mecklenburg Medical Alliance Endowment, the tour was at Dr. Christopher and Courtney Danner's family home in the Stonegate neighborhood in Charlotte.
I soon learned I have something in common with Dr. Danner.
He's and LSU Alumni and die hard Tiger Fan!!
Just wait and see.

 The Louisiana charm greeted us at the front door.
You know I love a fleur de lis or two.
 The home and decor was gorgeous!
Several local florists came in and decorated, each one taking a different room.
The best part - all of the arrangements were for sale.

The dining room was my favorite.
They made this chandelier a winter wonderland!
 Love hydrangeas any time of the year.
 This bird house fits in perfect too.
 I got a lot of great ideas. 
It's just a matter of making it actually happen.
All of that may not be possible this year, but I can file them away for future.
 For instance..
Love the greenery above the cabinets.
We have the ability to be able to do this in our kitchen.
 I love what Elizabeth House did with the living room.
 I'm considering taking my garland all the way down on our mantle this year after seeing this.
I also love that we aren't the only one that has a flat screen mounted over our fireplace.
 The outside living space was even decorated.
 Joining me on the tour was A Liz!
 And, my bestie Kelli, who never turns down a home tour!
She immediately found her favorite part of the house.
The wine cellar!
 Check out that view below!
Another fleur de lis on display too.
This is when I knew there must be a Louisiana connection. 
 And, for sure, there is!!
I'm thinking Dr. Danner is only a few years older than me by the year on his medical school cup that was on display.
 Mike the Tiger was even on display in their bathroom.
Gotta love it.
 There were Christmas trees in nearly every room in the house.
Well, not every room but I loved their daughter's room so much I wanted a picture to show Brad.
 No words for their son's room.
A shrine to Drew Brees.
 And, all things sports related.
 The Danner's have four children so a play room is a must.
It too, was decorated to the hilt. 
 My Mom is really wanting to put a tree in Shelby's nursery this Christmas, I really like this option.
This was on display in the two younger daughter's room. 
 How much do you love these beds, bedding and art above each one??
To die for!
 No tree is the family theater but I couldn't resist not taking a picture.
 More LSU memorabilia in the family gym. 
 We need this in our home.
 Last but not least, a Charlie Brown Christmas tree in their guest bedroom.
 I enjoyed the tour muuch more than the 4th Ward Tour we did last year.
There was even a gift shop at the end where you could purchase some of items seen along the way.
 A fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon, even if it didn't feel like Christmas outside considering it was a balmy 75 degrees!
Now, time to get out the decorations and get to work!


MCW said...

I was going through the pictures pretty quickly and saw your blue feet and thought "What has pregnancy done to Dee's sense of syle???" Then I realized what they were. Hahaha!

Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

Oh wow, wow, WOW!!! I love their style (despite the LSU stuff...sorry!) ;)
You are the cutest little pregnant girl! Looking forward to the big day!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I loved reading this post! Christmas is my favorite time of year, too. It's so awesome that they have a Christmas tree in every room. I seriously wouldn't mind doing that when we get a house! It's such a great idea! I definitely got some decoration inspiration for this year :)

I have to ask, though, what are you and April wearing on your feet? And why? Ha!


Ashley said...

So pretty!! I would lolve to do some tours like this!! Andrew just asked if we were still decorating for Christmas considering, but WE ARE! I will just do it earlier so we can enjoy it longer! This is the year A will just love it all.

I Do Declare said...

I noticed the shoe covers, too - hilar! Gorg house!!!!

Monica said...

Yes, of course Shelby needs a proper First Christmas! I love hydrangeas too! I have Charlie Brown tree that I put up on our mantle and I love it. Can't wait to see YOUR decorations.

Claire Kiefer said...

Family gym? Family theater? Oh my gosh!! What a palace they have! And you know I love the shrine to Drew Brees. :) How amazing was he on Sunday?!?!

donatelli98 said...

I love the tree in the girls room - you could put all of Shelby's Baby's first Christmas ornaments on the one in her room ... Plus some cute ballet ones and of course beagle and LSU ones too!

Carly Anne said...

Ahhh! I die! Love me some Christmas decor.

Leigh Powell Hines said...

What a great tour. I LOVE the outside of that home. That is a favorite style of mine. Beautiful home.

How great that they had the LSU connection. Perfect house for you.

I don't see anything wrong with putting the tree in Shelby's room. I would just unplug it at night or only have it on when you're feeding during the night.