Thursday, January 1, 2015

Christmas Day 2014

Christmas Day was so fun and Shelby got into it so much more than last year.
This is actually her 3rd Christmas but being a December baby, she's still young.
We literally only bought her 2 or 3 things and the grandparents bought everything else.
(which we expected)
Our tree the morning after Santa left.
 I strung the Shelby bunting from her baptism and birthday on the tree Christmas Eve and she loved it.
She received all things baby doll aside from the racetrack I bought her off QVC back in October.
 Santa cookies leftover and a stocking.
This year she somewhat got it but not totally.
She called Santa 'HoHo Claus' and as we kept talking about him through the day and night she was literally scared to go to bed.
Hopefully, next year is better.
We received an Elf on the Shelf this year and will implement it next year but I need to figure out how to do it where she isn't scared.

Back to Christmas morning.....
She was excited to see her new table and all her babies having a tea party!
Brad received some new fleece line CROCS.
I was raised all about wearing 'house shoes' and we are both that way too.
I have to have some sort of shoe on in the house at all times. Even in the winter.
I made my parents a Shutterfly book.
A lot of work and time, but one of her only requests,
Shelby got her Daddy a pair of GOP Republican needlepoint crokies and we weren't sure he would like them but he did!!!!!
An Arkansas HOG shirt for Dad.
Shelby made us a great gift at school with her footprints.
I received a NorthFace coat and Hunter Boots as requested..
And, Shelby got a ton more tea party and baby stuff than I could have even imagined.
I'm all about pictures so I printed and framed a picture of our family in Louisiana for my Mom.
In the afternoon we all headed over to my BIL and SIL's house where my in-laws were for gift opening and dinner.
Paige received the newest American Girl doll, Isabella.
I ordered a customized ornament for BIL and SIL off Etsy with their dog's picture on it.
And, Shelby received more baby stuff.
The highlight of the day was when we gave my FIL a picture of him, Brad and BIL from their Fall hunting trip.
He seriously cried....
Pretty cool, and I take credit because it was all my idea.
Mommy and Me clothes for Paige and her baby.
Money for her brother Reed.
We all received great gifts and are so blessed.
This Christmas I insisted we get family pictures so outside we went for a family photo shoot.
Not to sound like a negative nelly but you never know when someone might not be around.
The entire Stephens clan.
The Wallace clan, minus my brother and his family.
Shelby with her grandparents.
And, last but not least..
Grammy and Paw Paw with their grandchildren.
The weather was perfect so we spent most of the day outside.
Then, the dinner preps began.
Babies and all.
It was a great meal with great company.
I love the holidays!
Another year down, but unfortunately, my trees are not all down.
Hope you guys had a great Christmas!!

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Allena said...

I laughed because Drew got ALL 'domestic' stuff - pots & pans, baby dolls, a broom set - ha. She LOVES all that stuff. Looks like y'all had a great Christmas!