Monday, September 1, 2014

39th Birthday...

As of this past Friday, I'm officially in the last year of my 30's.
Crazy to think....
It seems just like yesterday I was celebrating my 30th in Napa Valley with family and friends.

So much has happened in my 30's and a majority of my major life milestones.
Met 'Mr. Wonderful', married him, had a baby and have had the time of my life navigating my way through marriage and motherhood.

As always, my birthday falls right around Labor Day(29th), which in turn, has me celebrating much longer than normal peeps.
The celebrations started on Wednesday evening(27th) with a home cooked meal by my husband.
He asked what I wanted and I told him mushroom risotto and sauteed shrimp.
We dined on the patio, in casual clothes.
Holy cow, the meal was amazing!
I could eat risotto everyday if my body would allow me to!
Brad did an amazing job!!
He even bought me a cupcake.
What an awesome guy.
That next evening, Shelby and I drove to my parents house for a couple of day(and my actual birthday).
Brad had to work and Shelby's school was closed, so I decided to take advantage of our niece being in town and went for a couple of days to visit.
Mom went all out as usual.
She's pretty good with making things special.
Shelby loves it!
Holly bought me all sorts of LSU gear including this awesome cooler and a couple of LSU shirts.
Holly's birthday is a couple days before mine so the decorations were partly for her as well.
My actual birthday was spent enjoying the day on Bald Head Island, that's an entire post in itself.
Amazing for sure.
More on that tomorrow.
My birthday celebration ended with my favorite dessert.
Lemon icebox pie!!
More tomorrow on our trip to Bald Head and later in the week pictures from the rest of my weekend with Brad's family.
Yay for short work weeks!


Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

Happy happy birthday! Looks like a really wonderful weekend. Everyone says the 30s are wonderful, and I was happy to turn 30.

Allena said...

Happy birthday! You definitely don't look 39!

starnes family said...

Happy Late Birthday! You look gorgeous in the pic with the icebox pie. Yay for 39!