Monday, July 29, 2013

My Stay in Banner Elk's Archers Mountain Inn

Avery County, NC is one of the best areas in Western NC for hiking, biking, skiing and what ever else strikes your fancy while enjoying the Blue Ridge Mountains.

I've frequented this area more than any other since moving here in 2001, and have been checking out area lodges and B&B's for years.
One that I had never checked out until this weekend is the Archer's Mountain Inn on Beech Mountain.

I saw a Living Social deal to stay there so jumped on it.
I was pleasantly surprised with this cute, little place nestled in the mountaintop.
It went under new ownership as of June 1st this year and the owners, who recently moved from California, have already made several changes for the better and are working to make even more.
We stayed in the Sugar Room.
Each room has a porch with rocking chairs to take in the view and mountain air.
I can't wait to go back in the winter and start a cozy fire in the wood burning fireplace that each room has.
 There was also a kitchenette with microwave, fridge, table and coffee pot.
(Excuse all of our junk that was already in the room )
 The new owner Gloria just replaced all the linens on the beds and in the bathrooms.
I'm not just saying that either.
 The towels were the thick, plush cotton.
My favorite part of the Archer's Mountain Inn has to be location and convenience.
Once you make your way up Beech Mountain, you really don't have to leave unless you want to.
There's a bar right on site along with Jackalope's View Restaurant 
 So, you have a few drinks and just walk back to your room.

 The other great part about Archer's is the friendly staff.
We literally feel like personal friends with the owners and the rest of the crew there since our stay.
 And, the food and drink was great.
I had the lobster mac and cheese the first night and it was delish.
 Another great plus about staying here is that breakfast is free!
This isn't just muffins and coffee.
A free, made to order breakfast complete with your choice of an omelet, french toast, and other selections.
 All while taking in the mountain view.

 Being up here during the Summer was awesome but I'm REALLY looking forward to being back up here after a day of skiing on Beech Mountain.
 So, your next trip to the high country, consider Archer's.
You won't be disappointed.


LuLu said...

This place looks fabulous!

MCW said...

I always see deals for away vacations on living social,but have never tried one. I should bite the bullet and plan a trip!

I Do Declare said...

All your mountain musing has me itching for fall!

Maran (HeyHawleywood) said...

Wow! Looks amazing. I really want to do a weekend in the mountains soon so might have to look into this place!

Allena said...

That place looks incredible. So jealous!

As for teething/CIO...I am a softie when I know something is bothering them. If I feel Drew is fine, I will let her cry/fuss some. But I just can't let her cry when I know she doesn't feel good. We are using Hyland's teething tablets like candy and her amber teething necklace is helping...but she can't wear that at school. Boo!

Ashley said...

so pretty !

starnes family said...

Looks like heaven! Makes me excited for fall. Mountains = fall here.

Monica said...

I'd be out on that porch in the rocking chairs for sure! Looks so peaceful.

Lauren said...

Just found your blog...this looks like a wonderful getaway! & a Living Social deal doesn't get much better than that!

Sara said...

If you ever need a hiking partner--I'm in! This place is gorgeous! Good food, drinks, beautiful scenery, exercise and great company?? Sign me up!