Thursday, May 29, 2014

Orlando Trip Part 3: Final Chill Day and Park

We all woke up Monday morning exhausted from our full day at the Magic Kingdom.
I can tell I'm out of shape because my legs and back physically hurt.
I think a lot of it had to do with carrying Shelby around.
She's nearly 28-pounds, so not real light!

We had big plans to do a boat tour in Winterpark and lunch out but then we all decided to bag that and just chill at the house, cookout, hang by the pool and let the kids rest and recoup from the day prior.

The kiddos were fine with it!
 We did get out and take them to a nearby park though.
The Lake Lilly park is picteresque.
Mossy trees, a pond, cute historic houses along the walking path, a playground and ducks.
 This was Shelby's first time to really feed ducks.
 There was even a family of new ducks!
So cute!
 This was a new type of duck I had never seen before.
Emily said they are common to the Florida region.
 Then we hit up the swings.
Shelb's favorite.
 After a short stroll around the pond, we headed back to the house to eat lunch and chill.
Later that evening we headed to the airport then home.
A fun filled family trip was complete!!
Now, where to go next to top that??!! 


Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

Looks like a wonderful trip! And YES, you have to think ahead to your next vacation, or you become too sad that your last vacation is over, lol.

Sarah O said...

You put Shelby in the cutest outfits. Come dress me!

starnes family said...

Baby ducks....the sweetest. I love your adventures.