Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday Five

Time for a quick Friday Five.
We have a lot of fun things coming up as we round out May!
#1. It's LSU Crawfish Boil weekend!
It's one of our favorites events.
I think I've only missed one in the 12-years I've lived in Charlotte.
This will be the first time for Shelby to actually eat one because last year she was still small.
#2. Next weekend we're taking out camper out for the first time this season!
We're staying close to home and camping at Dan Nicholas Park just down the straight from my in-laws.
This park is one of North Carolina's gems.
It has a lake, carousel, petting zoo, mini golf and train!
Can't wait to explore with Shelby!
#3. Disney bound in just 2-weeks!
I'm counting down the days until our trip to Orlando.
I bought our tickets this week and our friends are registering us for Fast Passes already!
 Let's get real.
Shelby isn't really into any of it yet.
I'm encouraging it though!
 #4. Hand me down toys are the best.
I'm such a whore when it comes to free stuff.
Anytime someone tells me they have toys they want to get rid of, I jump all over it.
My work colleague gave us this roller coaster that Shelby has now mastered.
 For the longest time we had to help her on and off.
Now she's able to roll the cart back up the track, and climb on!
We're going to take it outdoors this weekend.
 Speaking of outdoors, we take the Cozy Coupe, we were given by my cousin, outside daily.
She hasn't totally mastered the Flinstone walk but she's trying.
She would much rather just push it.
 #5. Tumbling.
Shelby's class had a tumbling lesson yesterday and apparently, she was a rock star and loved it.
I thought, how fun!
Then, when I went to pick her up there was a brochure for the company that came and hosted the tumbling class and their monthly fees.
Don't I pay enough in tuition costs already?
The jury is out on whether or not I'm going to pay EXTRA for her to do this each week.

Lastly, Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there.
This is the first year in MANY years we're staying low-key and at home.
I'm pretty pumped about it.


Sarah O said...

Happy early Mother's Day! So excited to hear about your Disney trip. Those Fast Passes are amazing!

donna said...

Disney will be so fun! Hope you had a great mother's day.