Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Orlando Trip Part One

We just got home last night from one of the BEST trips ever!
Everything was wonderful about it but mostly hanging out with close friends and getting to meet their 2 daughters for the first time and vice-versa.

We traveled to Orlando, Florida on Friday evening to visit one of Brad's best friends from high school and his family.
It's been quite a while since we've seen them mainly because we've been having babies.

They have two daughters.
Grace is about to turn 4, and Laura just turned 1 in April.
Now that Shelby is almost 18-months old we thought it would be the perfect time to go and visit before they move back north in August.

It was a short trip but jam packed!!
We did Disney's Magic Kingdom one day, but I'll save that for tomorrow.
Today's post is about fun in the sun and with friends.
It was so cute, the entire weekend the girls got along really well.
They were nice enough to share all their toys with Shelbs and let me tell you, she took FULL ADVANTAGE!
 Saturday was a relax day and it was awesome.
We went for a walk, blew bubbles and played outside.
 Oh, did I mention they have a pool?
Cocktails, water, sun and relaxation.
 Emily and Andrew were such great hosts.
Mimosas, lunch, everything was perfectly planned out.
It was TRULY a vacation for me and Brad!
And, for Shelby.
She has never played with so many toys in one weekend!
 Or made such great new friends in Laura and Grace!
These two are definitely getting use to the water.
Check it out!

We literally hung by the pool the entire day.
Emily even mentioned they've never spent so much time at their pool in one day.
It was a ton of fun.
It happened that Sunday was Andrew's 36th birthday too so we were all able to celebrate.
First by baking a cake.
Second, by hitting the town.
They had their nanny come over and watch the kids while we enjoyed a delicious dinner out in Winterpark, Florida.
After dinner we went to one of THE COOLEST wine bars I have ever been to!
It's called the Wine Room and they literally have over a hundred wines there for tasting.
You buy a card with a set amount of money on it and you walk around and taste different wines.
You have the choice of a pour, taste or a glass.
Slide your card and put your glass underneath.
All different price points and regions.
I was in heaven!
Emily called it Chuckee Cheese for wine lovers!
I would agree!!
Charlotte NEEDS ONE!
Of course, knowing we had a BIG day at Disney planned for Sunday we didn't go too overboard.
Good thing, because it was a long one.
More on that tomorrow!!!


Allena said...

1. Shelby looks so tall!
2. You look AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL in all the pictures.
3. What fun!!!
4. That wine bar!!! So awesome.

RiverCityWallers said...

Haha! Cute video! Whole foods does the card wine tasting thing, but not to the extent the bar sounds awesome!

donatelli98 said...

WinterPark is awesome! So glad y'all enjoyed your time there! Come to Phoenix and we can do the same .. All day at our pool! My girls would adore Shelby!!

Annie said...

How fun! You know Whole Foods in Southpark has this right?!

Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

That wine bar is SUCH a good idea!!

donna said...

Night outs with friends are always fun!