Sunday, May 18, 2014

First Camping Trip of 2014 - Dan Nicholas Park

Our first camping trip of the 2014 season is complete!!
Our goal is to camp once a month between now and November.
We'll see if that happens, but at least that's our plan.

Giving that we're going to Florida for Memorial Day, we decided to camp close to home this weekend to sorta get our 'sea legs' back.
As many of you know, we store our camper up at my in-laws house an hour north of Charlotte.
Well, just 10-minutes from their house is one of the most premier county parks in the State.
Dan Nicholas Park is very popular and we really lucked out getting a spot at such a late notice.
My in-laws went over there on Monday for us and it just happened that someone had canceled just 5-minutes before they walked in.
Pure luck.
Thanks to my in-laws!!

We scored a nice pull through site across from the bathhouse.
The cleanest bathhouse I've ever been in.
In fact, the entire park was pristine.
 We arrived and got fully set up by 4pm on Friday afternoon.
 A little grill action...
Then, we were off for a cruise of the 70-spot campground.
There were families galore.
Soo fun!
Shelby just loved it.
She even made a new friend!
Owen is just a month older than her.

The next day we had a full agenda.
The park is full of attractions for families.
A train, carousel, gem mine, zoo, petting zoo, playground, paddle boats and more to boot.

Our first stop was the train.
 Judge for yourself what she thought of it.
 Then off to the playground.
 Then Hayden's Carousel.
Good Times!

 Her first carousel ride was last Labor Day at the beach.
 I think she was more into it this time around.
Everything in the park is practically free too.
We were impressed.
We bought tickets to nearly everything and it was $10.
It was like a full out zoo.
Birds, turtles, bobcats.
Even bears!
Wolves and more.
Awesome family fun!
The petting zoo was a hoot too.
We were told not to pet the donkey.
He bites.
Our time in that part of the park was rounded out with a ride on the horsey.
Since Brad's parents live so close we decided to head over there and go for a boat ride.
Last week it was in the 80's but this weekend it topped out at 73.
It was a little chilly at times.
After the boat ride, we went back to the campsite for a cookout.
Brad's parents joined us.
Mr. Buddy joined us for dinner then went back home with Grammy and Paw Paw.
It was a great weekend.
Perfect weather and perfect company.

A lot of memories were made this weekend and there will only be more to come.
We camping.
It's a lifestyle and the people you meet are great.
Such a great community.
Now, off to start planning what to bring to Orlando this next weekend and Disney!


starnes family said...

OMG, could this be cuter? I love your camping set up, always, but this location is so perfect!

donna said...

How fun! We love camping with my in laws. I need to tell them about this site.

Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

What a nice weekend! It looks like camping is so relaxing in your camper.

donatelli98 said...

Looks like fun!!

Tricia said...

Girl, this looks too fun! Each time I see your camping posts, I want to go out and buy a camper. What fun memories for your family, and a fun way for Shelby to grow up and enjoy. Loved the video with her, and those wolves were crazy. :) And once again, so jealous of your boat time...looks amazing!!

Anonymous said...

I have so much blog catching up to do - it feels like such a long time since I've read yours. It looks like you guys had such a great time, though! You really got a lot in. I love the boat pictures - how fun! :)