Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Week and Gifts

This week is teacher appreciation week and Shelby's nursery school has a list of items for parents to bring every day.
One day drinks.
The next day snacks.
The next day breakfast.
Then dessert.
I guess Friday we're suppose to bring gifts.
I'm not opposed but it seems like a bit much to me.
I'm going to be honest, I haven't brought anything this week.
They had a Cinco party for her class yesterday and I brought stuff for that.
Tomorrow I plan on bringing donuts and something else.
Just not sure what?
I want to give them gifts, but we do pretty substantial gifts during the holidays, not to mention I make treats for every holiday and bring in for the entire staff.
She switches classes every few months anyway and there's always a new set of teachers.
Her current and past teacher(infant) are my friends on Facebook and they're in their mid-20's and are a lot of fun.
One posted the other day about loving her wine and included the other teacher in the post.
Part of me wants to put together a bag with wine and chocolate and bring in as a gift.
Is that totally inappropriate?
I know, I would LOVE it.
Or just stick with a plant or some sort of coffee gift card.


meghan said...

Who put this list together? Please don't tell me the actual school did because I find that to be incredibly forward, no? If a parent group from the nursery school did then it isn't as forward. Frankly I don't like it when I'm told to bring gifts. It takes the fun out of it!! You do plenty throughout the year.

meghan said...

Oops! Forgot to say that personally I think a nice note is a great idea. If you want to include a bottle of wine then do so but not necessary. I come from a family of educators and they've always remembered the personal notes :)

Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

I would love wine as a gift, and have received it as a gift working with college aged students. That is a bit much to ask parents to bring something every day all week. I can see one day, but not the whole week.

donatelli98 said...

Complete agree and if you want to give them wine - go for it! They do in elementary school. I'm all for gifts but it gets to be a lot. Each of my girls classes has someone signed up to bring lunch and Starbucks Each day this week - plus gifts. I think the are amazing but I think sometimes we go overboard. Of course I usually pitch in but due to work I don't do the lunches or Starbucks.

donatelli98 said...

Excuse my spelling -

Ashley said...

my friend teaches 3-6 year olds at a private place and she would love wine. and chocolate. ha.
And, I think its weird for them to tell you what to bring. You are generous all on your own.

Mindy said...

As a teacher, you know I would TOTALLY LOVE some wine! :) But I never actually got anything from my students (ever!) for teacher appreciation weeks in the past...I think that is asking a lot to have you bring stuff in every day! Geez! I'm sure the teachers would appreciate a sweet note just as much as an actual gift.

Rachel said...

If you know they drink wine, I say go for it!

Also, I will say that NOTHING beats a nice and heartfelt note from a parent letting you know how much you value what they do all day. Being a teacher is exhausting and hard work, and sometimes hearing praise and thank you is all you need! I think they know how much you appreciate them with all the letting treats you bring during the year, but really, nothing beats words of affirmation!

RiverCityWallers said...

I bought hand soaps from bath and body works, traced Caleb's hand and said "hands down you're the best" And put his picture on the back. He has 4 teachers and we just can't spend a ton of money on teacher gifts. I hope they know its the gesture and also the treats throughout the year. I can't buy into the pressure of the mommy shaming or whatever it's called. We had to bring a flower for his teachers on Tuesday, and they collected them all to divide among the teachers for mixed bouquets and there was a potluck lunch on wed to sign up for. It's a busy time for us and I knew I couldn't make anything so I signed up to bring cups and I don't feel bad about it. Next time ill make sure not to sign up for the easiest thing so another mom can get a break.