Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Out and About in Park City, Utah

You've reached the third and last post on our ski vacation to Park City, Utah!
For our last night, we made plans to hit Main Street in Park City for dinner and drinks.
Here's a shot of us girls in the hotel lobby before leaving for our night out.
Fur much?
Mine was fake.
Theirs was real.
Yet another picture of Brad and I.
People like to joke asking if he ever tires of pictures.
My answer?
He's a pretty good sport though.
I think I'll print this one out and put it in a frame.
I'm loving the fireplace behind us.
After our photo session we had a driver take us down into Park City.
Main Street is too darn cute!
I can't imagine how bustling this place must have been during the 2002 Olympic Games!
Note to self.
Next trip to Park City allow one afternoon just for shopping.
I love little boutique shops!
We were all loving this piece of art.
I sort of remember the price.
Started with a 9.
Can't remember if it was 9K or 90K?
Brad says there's no way on the latter but that's what I remember.
Tons of fur stores.
I need to start collecting more fur.
I have a mink collared coat but that's it.
Heidi considered buying this as a gag gift for DJ.
Too funny.
Bargain if you ask me!
Beth set up dinner at Purple Sage.
'Cowboy Fare' as she put it.
Cute place with good food.
Casual but chic.
After dinner...
Off to find a few more adult bevies.
We tried the No Name Saloon but not everyone was into the crowded bar scene.
That included me.
I'm getting old.
So, we made our way to The Spur Bar and Grill.
Where we found a back room with a fireplace.
Between the altitude, the day of skiing, food, and our age -- none of us lasted long.
Instead we found ice cream and made our way back to the hotel.
The next morning we woke up to snowfall!
We had found out the night before that Whitney Houston had passed away.
So...being the newshound I am..
 I literally spent all morning(until we checked out), sitting in our room sipping coffee, watching it snow (by the fire)and watching the news.
I know not everyone is into winter weather and warm cozy ski lodges for vacation but I sure am!
Especially when you're staying in a luxury suite at the St. Regis!
And, when you're spending time with best friends!
Thanks again to Beth and DJ for planning an awesome getaway!
The getaway was the perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day and our 2nd wedding anniversary, that is this weekend, a few days early!


Aunt Grits a.k.a Maggi said...

WOW! How perfect was your trip!!! Love the pic of you & your honey in front of the fireplace...definitely frame that one!

DSS said...

That fur jockstrap/pair of underware for a man...BEYOND FUNNY! I think I would have had to buy it :)

You guys look so cute and relaxed! What a beautiful town, and a ski resort. I think a morning in a fancy pants resort, watching the snow fall, sounds like perfection!

donatelli98 said...

So glad you all had a great time!! Wish I had been around to meet up at the airport!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you had such a great time! I love all the snowy pictures! So beautiful!


LuLu said...

You are rocking that fur vest. Love it. I have one too. :)

Claire Kiefer said...

I have been incredibly jealous of all your instagram pics. I LOVE THAT SNOW!!!! Your pictures have made me whine to my boyfriend and our roommate about how badly I want to go to Tahoe while it's still snowy. Or anywhere with snow, really . . . Tahoe's just the closest option. :)

Looks like an incredible trip! And I'm all for fake fur. Just as cute without any harm!

Leigh Powell Hines said...

Great trip. Loved the photos. Such a charming town.

starnes family said...

Love it! Such a great place to ski and play. We ate at Redford's place. It was delish!

2005........not long after the games.....still lots of hoopla out!

reporterturnedmommy.com said...

Couldn't look at your V-day post about food...not ready yet! lol! Love your fur look...I have no fur. I need to get a vest or something. Love the pics of the snow in the morning, too. Perfect!

Lyns said...

To die for! You gals are fit to kill in the fur vests. I think you should have gotten Brad the g-string as a surprise gag for next Valentine's...LOL.

MCW said...

I love snowy vacations. I need one. Like now...well. I guess I am leaving for Germany tomorrow!!!

Hopsy said...

Ha, that gag gift is too much! What a fantastic trip!

Sara said...

Now, that is MY kind of trip!! Love, love, love the mountains!

Great recap and Happy Anniversary to you and Brad!! Glad y'all had a great celebration :)