Monday, February 27, 2012

Beary 1st Birthday Party to Die For

If you're into frilly 'girlie girl' birthday parties this post is for you!
Before I start, we only wish we could have been in attendance to this first birthday party.
Well, their daughter Dylan Sierra turned one over the weekend and after seeing the amazing party pictures I asked if I could post about it just so you all could see!

Theme: Bears
(there is also a back story to the bears since Dylan's daddy played for the Cal Bears back in the day)
Party Venue:  Beth and DJ's home in the Marina District of San Francisco

No detail was left out.
Beth started planning Miss Dylan's birthday bash weeks in advance.
Down to what 'Miss D' would wear.
 Over 100 guests were in attendance and they were welcomed with festive decor from the minute they reached the front door.
 My personal favorite - a birthday girl picture on the front door.
 And, of course, a birthday bear to get this 'beary' first birthday party started.
 As, I mentioned the goal was for this party to be 'girlie' so there was a paper mache' dress in the front entrance.
 Along with a paper mache dog created to look like the family's white Labrador retriever named, none other than, 'Cali Bear'.
 Speaking of bears...
Dylan received a big new bear with a big bow from her Daddy, DJ, for her birthday.
 And, from her Mommy she got a new birthday outfit complete with monogram.
 Bears were everywhere!
Even though, this bear, named Coco lives in the house year round getting decorated for each season and holiday.
 'Beary Temple and Bearilyn Monroe' were also part of the party decorations.
 Along with a bear tea party that was going on.
 Other party decorations included a Spring theme.
 And, balloons and flowers to die for!
 Including kissing balls.
 And, candy from Dylan's Candy Bar in New York City.
 While guests dined on several appetizers to begin there was also a backyard BBQ.
There aren't a ton of pictures of food but I'll share the outside decor with you.
In case you're not familiar with SF, it's sorta a big deal to have a decent size living space outside when living in the city.
So, this backyard is pretty cool in my opinion.
There were more Spring like decorations outside.
With different areas for guests to sit.
Including this bar, a couple of other tables(not pictured)
 and, this cute little sitting area next to the herb garden.
 Overall, a pretty amazing party for a special little girl.
 Who, is very loved.
(some of the birthday gifts)
 Not only by her Daddy...
But, by all!
There you have it!
The one thing you might have noticed is that there was no cake.
There was a dessert bar but Beth wasn't into the 'let's watch the baby smash the cake thing'.
She said it is not her thing and that Dylan is too little to understand or remember.
In my opinion, it was NOT needed!


PoshMomma said...

Absolutely precious! What a good Mom!

Nikki said...

What a cutie! I love the bear tea party and the geronimo balloons. Great party!

Claire Kiefer said...

HOLY MOLY, that party was for a one year old?!?! I'm in awe. That is a fancy neighborhood in SF, and that backyard?!?! Unheard of! Lucky folks. :)

Ashley said...

HOW CUTE and BEARY! The house is beautiful! And that outdoor bar! love it.
I just ordered Anika's shirt for her birthday party :) A friend is making the matching tutu. Surprisingly her party will NOT be girly! I know, I know- I cant believe It myself.

Angela said...

oh wow.... speechless. it is amazing. my sister did a ballerina theme with bear in tutu cookies and cakes and favors.

Annie said...

Oh emm gee, what a pretty party!

Megan said...

what she should be a party planner!! everything looks awesome!!

MCW said...

Such a doll! Love her cheeks.

I Do Declare said...

Fantastic party. I love all the fabric and ribbon hanging from the balloons. Will totally steal that idea!

jenny said...

Well Miss Dylan looks darling. Beth your house looks awesome. We were so sorry to miss it. Ellie had such a great time. She loves the pictures that you posted. Hope you had a wonderful day! Love the wags....

jenny said...

Well Miss Dylan looks darling. Beth your house looks awesome. We were so sorry to miss it. Ellie had such a great time. She loves the pictures that you posted. Hope you had a wonderful day! Love the wags....

Jo said...

What an event!
It must have taken her weeks to get everything accomplished ... so beautiful.


Impulsive Addict said...

Wow! There were a LOT of bears in there! Does mommy and daddy like bears? It was a cute theme. I loved all the balloons and decorations. She took some TIME in putting it all together. BUT, I personally LOVE a smash cake. Those are my favorite pictures from when Emma turned 1. It was her first time to have any kind of sugar....and even now she doesn't get much but those pictures were ADORABLE!

heather said...

WOW! Amazing party, such a beautiful little girl!! And DeAnna, your blog is UNBELIEVABLE! You're very talented!! You look fantastic! I looked back at Beth's wedding blog too... you've been at it for a while! this is a great memory book for you! WOW! Hugs and miss you! Love, heather

Monica said...


Leigh Powell Hines said...

I love the kissing balls. So beautiful. What a cute little girl.

starnes family said...

Good Lord! I love it over the top and fun.