Monday, February 13, 2012

Skiing Deer Valley - Part Two(Luxury Suite Pictures)

Part Two of our Park City trip continues with a look inside our luxury suite at the St. Regis at Deer Valley.
Upon our arrival we were assigned a butler who was at our beckon call for anything and everything we needed.
Not bad..
The suite was 900-square feet complete with a full kitchen stocked full of pots, pans, etc.
Even the microwave and stove were the newest models out there.
In fact, it took me quite a while just to figure out how to turn the oven on! 
 There were two rooms and a 1/2 bath and full bathroom.
Two fireplaces and two decks.
(One for each room)
 The views off the decks were slope side.
 Perfect for sipping wine.
 The bedroom.
 These gas fireplaces heat these rooms up!
 Another view of the table in the kitchen area.
 The bathroom had a large tub and walk in shower with a rain shower-head.
(I had to mention that because it was Brad's favorite part of the suite)
 The bathroom mirror even had a TV in it.
I hear that a lot of the newer luxury hotels have these but I had yet to see one.
 After getting settled into our room we toured around a bit.
 Then headed down to see our friends Beth and DJ who had flown in from San Francisco a few hours earlier.

As I mentioned last week, Beth and I have been friends since 1991.

 Thank you to both of them for planning the entire trip!
 After an hour or so in the resort hot tub(that was amazing), we headed to dinner at the J&G Grill.
There was another couple from San Francisco that also joined us on the trip.
Heidi and Steve.
We've met them before.
Later this week, I'll do an entire post on Heidi's exclusive clothing boutiques in San Francisco for all you West Coasters.
The restaurant was packed.
 I got the salmon and Brad and the others got steaks.
In case I haven't mentioned it on here, I'm not a big steak eater.
 And, of course there was dessert!
Good time for all!
The plan was to sit by the fire pit after dinner but most of us crashed.
 The next morning we woke up to a beautiful view outside our windows.
 A cup of coffee, book, fireplace and a snow covered mountain view.
Who could ask for more?
 Then, we hit the slopes for day two of skiing.
This time all six of us!
It was a bit windier and cold on day two.
I opted to wear sunglasses to look stylish versus my goggles from the day before.
I probably should not have.
 While, Brad and I skiied the Deer Crest side of the mountain on Friday.. Saturday we skiied the Empire Canyon side.
 Much bigger and wide open.
Higher elevation and bigger views too.
 We decided early in the day that we were going to ski over to the Montage Resort for lunch.
This is the other luxury resort on the Deer Valley Ski Resort property and it is amazing but a lot busier than the St. Regis.
The Montage has several restaurants inside including their famous Skier's Buffet.
We unloaded and went inside.
Another first class experience.
We decided on Daly's Pub for lunch instead of the buffet.
Heidi and Beth.
Daly's Pub is very rustic but has it all.
Pool tables, arcade.
Full restaurant with wood burning ovens.
And, yes a bowling alley.
Beth wanted me to take a picture bowling in my ski boots but I opted out.
It would have been a cute picture though.
If you haven't figured it out yet Brad and I are pizza freaks.
So, we ordered one of their wood fired pizzas.
We even got to watch them make it from our seats at the bar.
While enjoying a few local beers.
(BTW - we figured out that even though the Utah liquor laws only allow them to sell most beer at 3.5%, local breweries can sell them at their full percentage)
And, you know Brad was all over that.
We ordered the silcilian pizza and it was delish!
Such a fun lunch stop!
Heidi and her husband Steve.
After lunch we skiied for a couple of more hours then headed back to the hotel and napped, took a bath and hit main street Park City for dinner and drinks.
That's an entire post in itself that will be part 3!


MCW said...

Stop making me jealous.

LuLu said...

You look so cute in the ski get up! I love it. Seems like the perfect trip!

Nikki said...

I've always wanted an antler chandelier, and a pizza oven ;)

starnes family said...

Love Park City! Love Utah. Awesome people. And, it's best known attribute is the "best snow on earth!" It is that good.

Leigh Powell Hines said...

You all are such fashionable skiers.

You make me wish I could ski.

So impressed with the area.

I Do Declare said...

You are a total little ski bunny! How did you ever bring yourself back home from that place?? Love the mirror tv!!! said...

how fun! The trip looks glad it was all you dreamed it would be!

The Jones Family said...

SO beautiful. LOVE it all!

donatelli98 said...

Glad Brad was able to get his full liquior percentage on his beer!

Monica said...

Niiiiice! A TV in the mirror?!?! What what?!?!

DSS said...

Holy cow girlie! When you go, you go BIG :) What a fantastic trip. The suite, the skiing, the food. Wowsers. Off to read post 3 :)

Annie said...

St. Regis looks amazing! Lucky you guys!

Hopsy said...

Your room and view are AMAZING, but the bathroom reaslly takes the cake. SO luxurious and I am a sucker for any hotel that has TVs in the bathroom mirror. I do not even like skiing, but I would gladly go if I could stay at the St. Regis in your suite!


I am really enjoying going back thru your blog from the start since I just found you. This trip look amazing! Erica