Monday, February 13, 2012

Skiing Deer Valley - Part One

Two words to start out this first of three posts on our trip out to Park City, Utah.
Well, it was all I dreamed of and more.
Because I took so many pictures it's going to take me 3 posts to get through.
Today we will begin with our first day of skiing.
Our friends arrived later in the day from San Francisco so we didn't meet up with them until the early evening.

First off, we rented a car instead of doing a car service.
We weighed it out and it was the same price and we knew we wanted to stop by a liquor and grocery store on our way in knowing how weird the alcohol laws are in Utah.
 When arriving at the St. Regis we realized that you can't actually drive up to the resort because it's nestled in a private, exclusive neighborhood called Deer Crest.
Instead you pull up the reception center near the main lodge of the Deer Valley Ski Resort.
From there they take your car and bags and you ride the funicular(gondala type lift)up to the the resort.
See the resort on the top of the mountain?
 This is at the reception center where you get on the funicular.
 View from the funicular.
 When arriving at the resort everything is amazing.
The fireplaces, decor, service.
Since it was still early we didn't check into our room until after our day of skiing.
 Instead we headed down to the lower-lobby where there is a ski shop and ski valets.
 We got on our boots and hit the mountain.
 A few things to note about hitting the mountain from the St. Regis.
The ski valets literally do everything for you.
After renting our equipment, and each morning, a ski valet comes out, helps you put your boots on and then puts your skis on the snow for you.
From there it's all downhill.
As you can see in this picture we skiied straight out of the door and down a run that takes you to lift.
 Then, when you're done for the day you ski right back down another run/hill and right up to the ski valet where they again, take your skis and help you off with your boots.
Not sure how we'll ski again without staying here!
 The actual ski resort is just as nice.
 On both days we never had to wait in a lift line.
We were amazed.
The snow?
 Brad is known to complain here and there but on this vacation?
Not at all.
Awesome again.
 The views were breathtaking.
 Another cool fact about Deer Valley is that they don't allow snow boarders.
So, that also makes a big difference when it comes to the overall experience.
 There are two sides of the resort.
This first day we skiied the side of the mountain near the St. Regis which is surrounded by million dollar homes.

 You are skiing right through a million dollar enclave of homes that includes Ski Magazine's Dream Home.
 Unlike anywhere I've ever skiied.
The whole resort was first class all the way.

 Every restaurant and lodge on the mountain was awesome as well.
The food, the service, the facilities.
No, yucky bathrooms anywhere on this mountain.
All of them are heated, clean with real hand towels and decked out with granite and marble.
 And, the place wasn't over run with kids either.
I know that sounds terrible but there's somethng about enjoying a nice lunch without 15 to20 kids running about around you.
 Brad and I thought we had died and gone to ski heaven this first day.
 And, it was only the beginning.
Due to my huge number of photos you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see our luxury suite we stayed in that included butler service, two fireplaces, two decks and much more.
We were told that Papa John of the Pizza Chain owns the top floor of this St. Regis.


MCW said...

That looks like heaven! I want to go. And that pizza made me hungry.

Annie said...

Now this is my kinda trip! I love it and can't wait to hear more. Glad you all had fun!

Anonymous said...

I've never been skiing, but it looks like you had such a good time! I'd love to try it one day...maybe on the smaller slopes!

And I love the chandelier (pretty sure I spelled that wrong) in the hotel!

That is a huge pizza slice! Ha! Looks good though!


I Do Declare said...

Cannot wait to see more on the resort!!!

Monica said...

OMG I WANT THAT PIZZA! Looks like an AWESOME place. I've never been skiing and I probably never will, but I do enjoy seeing your pictures of the beautiful scenery. Can't wait to see your suite!!

Leigh Powell Hines said...

You know I was drooling over this post. Not the skiing, but everything else. Love it.


I know it was a great time.

Ashley said...

This looks like SOO Much fun and Im glad Brad didnt complain on this vacatioN :)

donatelli98 said...

Sweet - looks like a great time! Love your comment about Brad sometimes complaining! Oh and when I texted you last week - the guy at the bar had a button down shirt with B of A embroidered on the cuffs of his shirt.

April of Smidge Of This said...

Holy moly Dee. What a great vacation! Ian would seriously love the no snowboards rule ... he is a skiing purist. Can't wait to see more!

Newlywed Next Door said...

Going to Utah in 3 weeks! How was the snow? We're doing ski in/ski out at The Canyons Hyatt. I'd do the St. Regis at Deer Valley but dumb hubs is a snowboarder! Someday I will have to convert him. Looks like a great trip!

Ashley said...

Those pictures are gorgeous! I can't wait to see more pictures!

Impulsive Addict said...

Wow! I'm completely jealous! I suck at skiing. I may need to give it another try. But I hate being cold. Give me a beach any day.

I don't know though. Your pictures are just GORGEOUS!

That pizza looks amazing! I bet it was too! And the beer? Yes please!!!!

love jenny xoxo said...

Wow that place looks amazing!!! I'm not a skier, but I would go there in a heartbeat! Amazing photos, can't wait to see more!


carolyn said...

sounds like fun!

i think that close up pic (self portrait maybe) of you and brad is super great!

Nikki said...

Funiculi funicualaaaar! Looks gorgeous!

The Jones Family said...

looks AMAZING! I want to go skiing now :)

Wiz said...

Beautiful pictures!! Too bad I am afraid of snow skiing (last time I went, I ended up in the emergency room!)

Sara said...

Looks incredible!! What an awesome resort. I've never been to Utah. On my list now fo sho!

And I love the NO snowboarders rule. They drive me insane. Taos, NM is like that as well.