Monday, August 12, 2013

Keeping it Real - Cabbage Soup Diet

In trying to keep it real here on the blog I'm talking about my quest to freaking lose weight.
Or, keep it off.
Such a pain, and I get so TIRED of it.
I've talked about my constant battle with weight here on this blog a long time ago.
As for recently, you might remember my post exactly a month ago, here, about nearly being at my goal weight.
Well, I was doing good, but the last two weeks have been SO hard.
I want to eat, eat, eat.
Fast food doesn't get me, it's just sandwiches, cheese, chips and wine.
Granted, I'm giving myself a pass for wine these days.
I enjoy it.
Enough said.

So, knowing we are leaving for the beach this Thursday night, I decided I was going to do the cabbage soup diet.
I've done this MULTIPLE times.
My Mom actually got me hooked on it and it's a great detox.
But, the last time I did it was in the year 2009.
It works, as much as people like to laugh about it.
It's a 7-day diet where you eat soup along with a specific meal plan each day.
I have typically done it before a big event to drop a few pounds(water weight).
Such as I did in 2009, for Beth and DJ's wedding.
I was able to lose 7-pounds prior to their wedding.
(even drinking wine some of the nights)
Brad actually did it with me and was hooked.
He's done it more than I have in recent years.

So, Brad and I both agreed to do it this week.
He made the HUGE pot of it on Saturday night.
We add mushrooms to ours.
I started it yesterday and you will ask how is it going??
Not fabulous.
I did okay yesterday until we went to the pool and I had a beer or two.
I came in and instead of eating my 2nd bowl of soup?
Triscuits and havarti.
I, didn't go overboard but still.

I promised to start new right there.
Today, is the day where you eat only veggies and soup.
After eating celery and tomatoes for breakfast I ate all my soup by 10:30am.

Then, I fought cravings and got a coffee with non fat milk.
I came home and ate a few cheese and crackers.
Not many at all.
And, now..
I'm eating green beans.
Maybe a little bit, but the only thing I can give myself credit for is that I don't just go bonkers.
I cheatfor a minute then get back on the wagon.

More to come...
in an effort to really keep it real?
Me trying to buy some sort of tankini.
Yep, didn't do it.
Another reminder to keep on keepin on.............


MCW said...

I think you look great, but I know what it's like to not be uncomfortable in your skin. Hope you get to wher you want to be!

eas said...

You are doing great even with the little slips of crackers. I am so depressed about my weight. Not sure what to do besides get myself moving and stop eating so much. I need to really kick myself in rhe as$.

donatelli98 said...

Good luck - I am right there with you! Except I cheat too much!!

starnes family said...

You'll get there, Dee! I think you look awesome.

Maran (HeyHawleywood) said...

you look great and I love that you are keeping it real. diets are hard. But I think you should be proud of being able to dial it back after you get off track.

donna said...

You look great. I understand how frustrating it can be to think about weight. I had to come to terms that my body is not the same and I try my best to focus on being healthy and strong...then, i start feeling better :)

Leigh Powell Hines said...

I think you've done so well. I am having to drop some pounds, too and it's so hard. I was able to keep weight steady...until this year...and it has gone really off kilter...Happy 45th to me this year. Boo! :(

Happily Ever Parker said...

You can do it!! Cheese is my WEAKNESS in life!! I want to try this cabbage soup thing but I get hangry just thinking about it!

If the shoe FITZ said...

ugh! it's so hard and with C about to be 1, I can't use the "I just had a baby" excuse any more. ;)

Off to eat ice cream!

p.s. I bought some great swimsuits at I actually feel really confident in the swim suit. Not like a fat slob! I did have to send some back and try a few sizes but the company is small and easy to work with!

If the shoe FITZ said...

You do look great but it is hard when you are not comfortable or not fitting in clothes. I'm there right now. Can't use the "I just had a baby" excuse any more! He's nearly one!

I did buy a new swimsuit this year at I really liked them. Feel really confident and not like a fat slob!

Ashley said...

WEll, I Know the constant weight battle too. Ive done the cabbage soup diet before too, but not in years! You really do look great, so don't be too hard on yourself :) I think I was able to keep off some weight in the early days of pregnancy because of my wine being cut, but I have somehow replaced it with...I don't know- sweets! ice cream, chocolate-blah. I made a HUGE crock pot of garden veggies yesterday and I brought that for lunch.

Sunkissed and Southern said...

I would love to try this. Cant wait to hear your results.

Alayna said...

When I did the HCG diet I was a big fan of cabbage, lean ground chuck and stewed tomatoes cooked in a crock pot. I ate it every day for lunch and lost a ton of weight during that time. I try to do that when I'm in town from time to time. GOOD STUFF!

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of this diet, but it sounds so interesting! Out of curiosity, is it just temporary (so when you go back to eating normal, the weight comes back) or no?

In any case, I think you look great! And I like the red bathing suit! :)

Monica said...

Well, I think you look GREAT, but I do know the feeling. I'm struggling with gestational diabetes once again. So, I know how hard it is to fight off the cravings for things you shouldn't have. I often fail too. Keep up the good work and don't beat yourself up when you indulge every once in a while.

Tricia said...

Girl, you are looking amazing!! I agree with MCW - you look fabulous, but I know how hard we are on ourselves. It's a daily thing for so many of us. However, you are looking incredible and should definitely feel great about yourself!