Monday, August 19, 2013


Lost for blog content I've decided to rip off my friend MCW(who I'm going to do an entire girls weekend with in October) and do a 'Currently'.

Currently I'm watching Redskins football with my husband and snuggling with Mr. Buddy while Shelby snoozes.

Drinking a glass of wine trying to write this blog and go upstairs and watch my RHOOC reunion part 2.

Glad I bought these Inchworm bottle labels. WtheH no one told me about these for nursery school mommies before now, I'll never know.

Wondering how Shelby got so big.
 I walked into her nursery school today and in comparison to the other babies in her class(granted, she should have moved up already) she's HUGE!!!!!!!!!!
8-months and on the move!!
 Planning my morning workout which involves laying out all my clothes, shoes, socks.

and finally...
Thinking that my hair looked dumb today at work.
Our main manager told me that it looked like her attempt at having her hair straight.
 As for our beach weekend?
We had a good time despite rain.
The highlight for me was Brad's comb over.
Cute or what?
 And, Sunday was glorious because we were united with our Shelbs.
She had a WONDERFUL TIME with my parents and vice-versa.
She's a GiGi and Poppi kind of girl!!
Hope you all had a great weekend too.


starnes family said...

Seriously......cutest baby ever. Kind of pisses me off.

Annie said...

The font isn't showing up for me for some reason but it's probably on my end. Shelby is so adorbable, I just can't stand it!

Ashley said...

I am so envious of your meet up with MOlly. not fair! ha.
And, I like your hair like that!! I haven't tried anything new in so long and I should.

MCW said...

Hail to the Redskins! Was Brad actually cheering for them? Or just enjoying the game.

Yayee for girls weekend!!!!

KB said...

I love inchworm. I was given mine as a gift and plan on ordering for my friends!

Mandy said...

I think your hair is cute! I actually strive for that look at work but it always ends up looking like I stuck my finger in a light socket instead! Lol!

Happily Ever Parker said...

Seri I can't get enough photos of your sweet baby girl!! The trick to a morning workout is going to bed in your workout clothes!

Leigh Powell Hines said...

I like your hair. It looked good.

Shelby is so cute, and growing. Those labels are nice.

Unknown said...

Gosh she's adorable, how do you stand it? I think your hair looks great in every picture!

Courtney B said...

Hey! I thought your hair looked cute!
I am amazed at how you've already left Shelby... more than once! Is it so hard on you? I am nervous to leave Mia on an overnighter, or for a whole weekend. But I feel like it would be more of a pain with nursing. It would just be so annoying to pump since Mia wasn't around. Or maybe I'm just making excuses, HA!
p.s. Guess who finally got a BOB?! I thought of you when it arrived :)

love jenny xoxo said...

Shelby is cute cute cute!!! And always so happy! Ronan has grown so much already, makes me want to cry - I think I'm going to be an emotional momma! I can't believe how quickly they change!


Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

That child of yours is something else. Can you just send me her outfits for my incoming girl? Love the comb over, that made me chuckle!