Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

After my post last week I've had a few people asking what I packed in my hospital bag so I thought I would do a short list.

When preparing for Shelby I asked a lot of friends what they packed, along with reading blogs and books.
In the end there were things we packed that we didn't need and things we should have packed.
I thought I would do a short list on what you don't need and what you do need.
As I've said before, everyone has a different experience so what I needed might be different for others.
I had a baby in the NICU, which not everyone experiences.
My advice to every soon to be mom is to pack as if you did, because you never know your circumstances.

* Clothes - pack clothes for your baby to go home in. I chose a prissy outfit because that's just who I am. Others choose to have their baby travel home in sleepers or a onesie. I think it depends on your personality and the time of year your baby is born. 
As for other clothes for your baby while in the hospital. You could bring a sleep sack if you prefer, but mainly they stay in the clothes the hospital provides, especially if you're having them sleep in the nursery at night.

When it comes to clothes for Mom pack a couple of comfy outfits and at least one set of pajamas.
As for pants, you're going to still be in maternity clothes so pack some of your pants from at least your second trimester. As for pajamas, I would suggest a gown over something with pants. Your tummy will be sore and you're not going to want anything cutting into it.
Again, I didn't do this and regretted it. 
I would also pack some sort of shoes other than slippers or the ones you're going home in. This again, is in case you're in the position to where you have to visit your baby in the nursery or NICU. It doesn't hurt when you have visitors too.

What NOT to pack is a robe. I just KNEW I was going to wear my newly monogrammed robe and slippers while in the hospital. Well, I'm here to tell you. I'm glad I didn't.
It might be TMI, but you have a lot of blood and other fluids making their way out of you and anything you are wearing could be ruined.
For that first day stick with the items the hospital provides. Yes, that includes underwear. They might be weird but wear them until after you get home.

* Electronics - I had been told all sorts of things to bring. I had this vision of Brad and I sitting in the delivery room listening to music, watching TV and surfing the net.
We packed an IPOD docking station, laptop, video camera, camera and God knows what else.
All we used was our IPhones, video camera, camera and Kindle.  Again, everyone has a different experience.

* Other items - several people told me that they waited to shower until they got home. I did not. I felt gross and had to shower so I suggest a pair of shower shoes and whatever toiletries you use at home. I knew I wasn't going to wash and blow dry my hair so I brought dry shampoo and yes, even makeup(which I didn't use).
I also suggest bringing a BOPPY. I didn't do that either. I was told the hospital would provide one. They didn't.

* Breast feeding paraphernalia  - I had planned to breast feed and had all sorts of items with me including nipple cream, a nursing tank and nursing bra. Of course, I chose not to nurse. All I can say is save your receipts on those items. I'm sure glad I did.

The only other thing I would suggest you bring with you is your baby book and some sort of file for paperwork.
The reason for the baby book is so they can do footprints in there(even though they provide another document), and the file will give you something to put all of the paperwork that they give you during your stay. You'll refer back to a lot of that in the weeks afterward.

Not the most exciting post but hopefully helpful!
If you have any other questions shoot me an email!


mrs.mfc said...

I think your tips sound good. I can't believe people told you to wait to take a shower!! I had so many people say that you should take a shower the second you get the go-ahead to be out of bed. That is what I did and I felt like a million bucks... well, that might be a stretch :) But it did make me feel somewhat human again! I stayed in the hospital gown until I took that magical shower but then wore my comfy pajamas the rest of the time. Oh and the hospital provided mesh undies- love them. I even tried to get more before I left :) Perfect for everything going on down there. I will definitely be taking LESS stuff this time around. Speaking of which I really really need to get my bag packed soon!

Claire Kiefer said...

You look so cute in that walking-out-the-door picture! I'm sure all of this is a learning experience for first time parents--sounds like you did pretty well, overall. :)

If the shoe FITZ said...

Totally took a shower too! Felt so much better.
With L I wore the gown and undies the entire time. He was so damn big that I was bleeding so much. Your list is similar to mine. It was suggested that we bring menus from area restaurants but I guess you can look on phones now. Also, I packed snacks for hubs and myself. Peanut butter crackers, granola bars, etc. I also made sure my husband wore his tennis shoes/comfy shoes. He was standing up and/or walking around a lot. I had a file too. It contained all my legal docs. What to do if I couldn't make decisions. I also made a copy of my drivers license and ss card. I know a bit much but you never know.

donatelli98 said...

I live your TMI comment! No one ever warns you of that!! At least not the full detail! It was funny because each of mine were different. After Lacey I wore the hospital gown basically until I left but with Sophia I changed into a maternity jogging suit/pajamas right after she was born so I could be more comfortable ... I think we brought movies and crap and never watched them with Lacey ...

donatelli98 said...

Love not live dang auto correct!

donna said...

Good list. Other thing we packed with my second child is snacks :) Good for the hubby if you have longer labor.

love jenny xoxo said...

Very helpful! I'm going to star this for later :)

{love jenny xoxo}

Jess at Just Rainbows and Butterflies said...

Great tips, Dee! And I love that picture of you and your hubby about to leave and meet your little girl.

Ashley said...

I only brought one pair of PJ/yoga pants and I leaked through them- hand washed them and hung them to dry and had nothign to wear while I waited- so I would have brought more compfy pants like that!

eas said...

Good list. I screwed up packing with both children! Having a csection w/ second baby I couldn't wear pants so I was kind of stuck.