Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Shelby's Sip and See

Shelby was 1-month old this past Saturday and it was perfect timing to celebrate since my parents already had a 'Sip and See' planned so their friends and neighbors could meet her.

You might be asking..
What in the heck is a Sip and See?
Well, it's a party/open house where people can swing by and sip a cocktail and see the new baby.
It's a Southern thing and many people do it for a second baby in place of a shower.

Earlier in the day I made sure to get the obligatory 1-month picture complete with the sticker on the onesie.
Then, she did a wardrobe change into her party dress.
The party was held from 4pm until 7pm so we filled her full of milk in hopes she would be in a good mood when everyone arrived.
It worked.
(I'm getting a haircut this week - long overdue!)
My Mom had the place decked out in celebration of Miss Shelby.
In front of the mantle are two of my dolls from when I was a little girl.
They are 'Mandy and Jenny' from Fisher Price's My Friends collection.
No one else seems to remember these dolls when I mention them.
Just read they made their debut in 1977.
Gosh, I feel old.
Pink punch...
A cake for a princess..
And, some pink bubbly to toast our bundle of joy!!
My parents are so proud to be grandparents once again!
It's been 18-years since the last grandchild was born!
Shelby slept most of the party, which was just fine with us.
The belle of the ball!
The highlight of the afternoon/evening was when the minister who married us showed up with his wife.
They use to live in Charlotte but in the last year or so moved to a town near my parents.
Can you see the excitement on my face?
So excited my parents invited them!
A very special moment for us.
So happy for him to meet our little girl.
All in all, there were about 20 people at her little party.
The kids really got a kick out of her.
Towards the end of the night Shelby had an accident and had another wardrobe change.
From there we swaddled her up and got her ready for bed while the kiddos checked her out.
It was a wonderful celebration for a fabulous little girl.
A big thank you to my parents for hosting it and everyone for coming!!


Monica said...

Look at that DOLL! No, not Mandy and Jenny...SHELBY! She's too perfect!

I know what you mean about that special feeling when the person who married you meets your baby. The minister that married us also baptized Lyla in the church we were married. So special!

Unknown said...

ADORABLE! - and u and ur mom look SO much alike!!! - ps i heard about a 'sip and see' from Real Housewives of Atlanta - haha

Carolina Charm said...

What a cool idea!!! I love it!

And my goodness, you and your mom are so identical!

Love the pink punch! xo

MCW said...

A sip and see sounds more fun than a shower.

I had the Mandy and Jenny dolls! They are still in my parents basement. I loved them.

starnes family said...

Dee, you look amazing! Love the sip & see......perfect!

Kate said...

In that picture of Shelby sleeping (throught the party) she looks JUST like your dad !!! Too cute... he must be proud :)