Monday, January 14, 2013

Road Tripping

Our first road trip with Shelby was a success!
We decided several weeks ago that we were going to visit both sets of parents before Brad goes back to work.
We are SOO lucky that both of our parents live within 2 1/2 hours of Charlotte.
Packing the car was a little different than in the past.
Buddy got booted to the very back, which I think he actually likes because he can see out better without having to do a balancing act on the seat.
Our first stop was Brad's parents house.
Grammy was so excited to see Shelby and have her visit.
 She even made cookies for the occasion, saying she wanted that 'fresh baked' smell in the house for Shelby's first visit to her house.
 So fun!
Just the first of what will be many visits to Grammy and Papa's house!
 The neighbor's had to come over and meet her.
Miss Dot got a chance to hold her.
 And, so did Miss Sherry.
 My MIL made a special meal that night and we celebrated and toasted our first trip with a baby!
 The night ended with a little love from Papa.
 The next day we got up and dressed for our next stop.
My parents house.
 GiGi was super excited for Shelby's first visit as well!
 She even went as far as to decorate the house and plan a 'Sip and See' the next day so all of their neighbor's and friends could meet Shelby.
(More on that tomorrow)
Our first night ended with a few stories read by Poppi.
 Such a good time visiting both sets of parents.
I even got out with Shelby to do a little shopping.
Tomorrow, details on Shelby's Sip and See.
Happy Monday!!


MCW said...

She is so adorable and Buddy looks quite comfortable back there.

Brad looks so much like his parents!

Ashley said...

The Sip and See shounds fun! Did Shelby sleep most of the car ride?

love jenny xoxo said...

she is just the cutest ever!!!


I Do Declare said...

I love Shelby's Going to Gigi's outfit! So cute!

Unknown said...

aweeeee - so glad u shared!

Jess at Just Rainbows and Butterflies said...

LOVE the idea of a sip and see! I had never heard of it until I saw your tweets and pictures this weekend. I want to do that for our next baby for sure.

LuLu said...

What a great trip! I love it. Shelby in the red is my fave pic yet I think. I'll be over to see her at a month when I feel 100%. Don't want to risk getting that sweet baby girl sick.

eas said...

Wow. Good job on your first roadtrip so soon! I love that his mom made you all cookies and the picture of her rocking with grandpa is too sweet. And that banner your mom made is ADORABLE.

Wiz said...

Just checking in! Shelby is precious!! And you look great! So happy for you!