Thursday, January 31, 2013

My First Week Solo and Lately

I guess you could call this my random post for the week.
I see so many bloggers post these beautiful pictures of their daughter's closet, but I'm keeping it real today.
I'm not a closet person.
As much as I try I can't seem to keep it together and organized.
All the hangers don't match and it's not color coordinated.
The best I can do is to keep them organized by age.
So, here you have it.
Judge me if you will.
Things have been going pretty good.
Brad went back to work last week and my Mom came back to help.
I got back into the groove of cooking again after a 3-month hiatus.
It felt good but weird at the same time.
We are really in the 'lose weight mode' around here now so it's healthy low-carb meals now even though we enjoy our wine as well.
Buddy is adjusting well overall.
He's had his moments including one where we went nutzo wanting Shelby.
He even jumped on my SIL's lap the other day while she was holding the baby.
As I said, my Mom was here for week as Brad transitioned back into work life.
It was nice.
It's the first time I really took Shelby out and about.
We spent our days shopping and lunching.
It helped me get over the hump of staying at home and keeping her inside.
  My Mom even stayed with Shelby as we had our first night out alone.
The day after my Mom left our SIL stopped by with our niece Paige.
They brought a boatload of books for Shelby and Paige got to feed her cousin Shelby and even help change her diaper.
She was so excited!
That evening our neighbors had us over for dinner and Miss Lulu got a little Shelby time!
Other things happening around here??
Earlier this week sweet blog friend Sara sent Shelby this absolutely gorgeous dress!!
I was completely taken back!!
Thanks again Sara!! I can't wait to see Shelby in this!
I'm hard core on my walking this week.
My goal is to walk 3-miles everyday until I go back to work.
Thank goodness Shelby likes the BOB so this is actually realistic.
Isn't she cute??
Brad aka Daddy is adjusting to life back at work away from Miss Shelby.
He's doing a great job.
Other pictures of the week include us going to meet a friend for lunch.
And, sitting in the doctor's office for my 6-week checkup.
We had to wait over an hour!
THANK GOD she was good.
I wish I had more exciting posts these days but I don't.
You all have a fab weekend!!


Easton wife said...

Love this post! Katelyns closet is the same, by age thats it! Even have a messy onesie drawer. Shelby is SO ADORABLE! She looks just like you and when were not bf we use the same Dr browns wide bottle ;). Glad you got a fun date night looks like fun. Moms are the best, I cried when my mom left the week she stayed!

Claire Kiefer said...

Oh man you should see my closet. It's a disaster!!

She is so cute--I love seeing her pictures, and I'm still so happy for you and Brad. I know how badly you wanted her!

I wish I could fly down there and snuggle with her while she's still so little. She's precious!

Kelsi Strong said...

So cute!! I love all the pink and ruffles!! Can't wait for my baby girl to get here!

donna said...

You are doing a great job D! Motherhood is so natural to you.

Maggie said...

LOVE the closet! Thanks for being real:)

Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

Precious, precious!! I've been away for a while and came back to blogging to see you had your beautiful baby girl! So precious. Congratulations!! (PS - Lallie's closet looks like that too. I'd rather spend time with her than worrying over the closet! Ha!) :-)

KTBFerg said...

I'm definitely a nut about closets. I have to clean mine out quarterly. I'm trying so hard to figure out a system for our little girl so I don't go too crazy. I love that dress that was sent to you. Where is it from?

Carly Anne said...

I also had to wait over an hour for my six week check. What's up with that? Do they not know we have infants!? Ha.

Also, love your candid closet shot. That's totally what Vivienne's closet looks like too.

It's hard to get over the "hump" of staying home all of the time... I finally got out and did a little shopping with V last week. I felt like super woman. Ha!

I Do Declare said...

I love that little white dress! And I love that Buddy is such an involved brother - so adorbs!

Ashley said...

Do you just love your Bob? I know its big, but I still Love it. I took it to Chicago and New Zealand. AND, my SIL in NZ just got one after using ours! She is so darn cute! What a sweetie! Um, A's closet is pretty much IDENTICAL to Shelby's, but its not even by age anymore. I just close the door :)

Unknown said...

awe - great capture of the week - and that dress is BEYOND!

Sara said...

You don't even want to see my boys closets. I think there are still 6 month outfits in John Roberts. OOPS!
So glad you like the dress! I think she'll look precious in it....though she looks precious in anything :)

Mandy said...

I just love Shelby's big, bright eyes! Also, I need that soup recipe! Trying to do low carb over here too.

Monica said...

I'm loving Shelby's little hand on Paige's as she feeds her a bottle. Too sweet.

starnes family said...

Dee.....why don't you get her something pink for her closet?


Leigh Powell Hines said...

I can't keep a neat closet. Or a neat house. :) Such cute photos.

Tricia said...

That dress for Shelby is darling!! I can't wait to see her in it. I'm glad your Mom was able to come back since the hubby went back to work. I know it must be so special to have that time with your Mom. And I'm thrilled for your date...looks like y'all had a blast. :)