Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Pats Day on the Lake

This year we didn't spend St. Patrick's Day hitting up Irish bars and pubs.
Honestly, it doesn't even sound like fun to me anymore. I've been there done it.
Brad felt the same way.
So, giving that the weather forecast showed 80's and sunshine for the weekend we decided to head up to Brad's parents house on High Rock Lake.
So, Saturday morning we got up early, ran some errands and headed that way.
Upon arrival we saw the new bird house on display.
My parents gave this to my in-laws for Christmas.
The pole still needs to be painted but I think it looks fabulous!
It wasn't long that a cooler was packed and we were on the lake!
I can't believe it's March!
The weather feels like late May!
I'm not sure about you all, but I was much happier sitting on this pontoon boat with a drink in hand versus fighting the crowds in Uptown Charlotte's Irish pubs.
Cheesy family photo op.
Of course, we all had our green on even if they were different shades.
We saw one house that was decked out and ready for a St. Patrick's Day wedding.
Sorta fun?
And, every time we drive by this house I drool.
Love the log cabin/rustic look.
After cruising around for an hour or so we decided to stop at a marina to get some gas.
That's when we realized we were going to be there for a while!
The boat wouldn't start back up!
The guys tried everything to get it to start.
Jumper cables..
and much more.
I wasn't too stressed about it.
I took the opportunity to get a few photos of the pooch.
How cute is he?!!
Thank God I brought his leash because the marina was at a campground and I was able to get out and walk him around because it was HOT!
My in-laws neighbor came and got us and brought us home and the guys went back for the boat.
Of course, when they went back the boat started right up!
Needless to say, it's going to be in the shop this week.
After they got home we enjoyed dinner on the deck.
Generally not something we would be able to do in March!
Such a great way to spend St. Pat's Day!
We also did a bit of squirrel hunting while we were up at the lake.
That deserves an entire post of its own so tune in tomorrow!


Megan said...

looks like so much fun!

Unknown said...

What a great way to spend the weekend. What great weather. We tried to go out to dinner last night and everything was way too crowded. Sitting on a boat with a drink tops a bar any day!

MCW said...

That does look like a great day!
Brad looks so much like her parents...

Jo said...

I'd take a day on a lake over a crowd any time! What a fun way to celebrate!


Monica said...

I much prefer the way you spent the day than being stuck in big crowds. I've never been into crowds of people. The pontoon was the perfect choice! Oh, and that log cabin house...NICE!

Tricia said...

This looks like the perfect way to spend every weekend. And that house you were drooling over-OMG! Hope you had fun!!

starnes family said...

Just catching up. Been missing you!

Loved the family photo shot with everyone in green. Yall are too cute!

donna said...

Those are gorgeous homes! The lake house are so pretty.

Ashley said...

It was like May up here too!! We didnt do anything fun on Saturday to celebrate! We used to always celebrate with my good friend (its her bday) but she ditched us for CA last year (to live) so we laid low. I forgot to even put on Anika's st. patricks shirt!

eas said...

What a great day! Spending time on the lake is way more fun than the bar scene on St Patrick's Day! You all look cute in your green!

donatelli98 said...

Looks like a great way to spend St. Patty's day or any weekend! Did Buddy catch any squirrels?

Leigh Powell Hines said...

That's such a beautiful area. I wasn't familiar with it. Lakes are so tranquil. And that house, wow! said...

Boats are so finicky. Our boat has had plenty of issues but, the past few years it's done pretty well. The wx is amazing here, too. We had a cookout yesterday, outside, and today we spent the whole day outside. It is unheard of to have our patio furniture out in Cleveland in March!

The Jones Family said...

I miss the lake so much! Looks like fun.

Nikki said...

That log cabin is huge!! What a great way to spend St. Paddy's day. I magic erased the inside of my dishwasher that night ;)

Bryan was in North Dakota for the week and invited me along...I said "f no" and then it turned out to be 80 degrees and it snowed in Seattle. I'm an idiot.

Sara said...

Buddy looks so cute!

I'm so ready for lake weather!!! Can't wait. I just wish my body would realize it was about to be lake weather and get in shape. :)