Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Brain and Phone Dump

I don't feel like I have too much to say these days.
Spring is a weird time of year for me.
I feel like it's an in-between stage.
Winter is over yet in the mornings it's sometimes still too chilly to wear sandals so you're wearing boots but by the end of the day you're wishing you had worn sandals.
It also seems this time of year we're always trying to figure out our Summer plans.
Speaking of plans...
It seems like in the Spring we never have any 'great' plans.
Well, except maybe last year when we rode the Virginia Creeper Trail.
Right now I'm trying to plan a quick hiking trip for next weekend to the Highlands, NC.

So, saying all that today's post is a bunch of random junk.
Pictures from my IPhone and thoughts.

I saw one post today where someone was talking about how they're obsessed with their newborn child.
Well, sad to say but I'm obsessed with our beagle.
Why am I taking random photos of him all the time?
I also talk to him like he's human at all hours of the day and night.
 I've been frequenting our Public Market more often that I originally thought I would.
In my most recent visit I noticed that there's a Louisiana business joining the crowd!
Can't wait to see what they're going to offer.
You know there will be some pralines, but what else?
 And, of course you know I love their decor.
Go figure.
 Our neighborhood got a new restaurant to replace another one that shut down over the Summer.
Brad and I met a neighbor over there the other night and I'm liking Harry's Grille and Tavern!
Much more upscale than the other VERY popular bar in our hood.
 I'm enjoying daylight savings time.
I'm able to get out and take longer walks with the pooch without having to use a flash light to pick up his droppings.
Here's some random photo from one of our walks last week.
Yes, I like that feature on the IPhone that allows you to turn the camera the other way so you can shoot self portraits.
 My Mom sent me this picture over the weekend of her and my Dad being festive for St. Patrick's Day.
They were selling charity raffle tickets for some car and Harley Davidson.
Not sure what charity but I'm 99% positive it has something to do with our military and/or their families.
 I got new tennis shoes a few weeks ago.
They've been put to good use too.
While Brad and I make it to the gym at least 3 or 4x's a week -- the past few weeks we've gone 5-days!!
And, get this?
2 or 3 of those days I've gotten up and gone in the morning!
Swimsuit season is upon us!
 I FINALLY got around to putting all my internet recipes that I have printed out in a binder.
I've had the binder for months weeks but have not felt like doing it.
I organized all of the recipes a while back by category but was dreading the actual putting them in the book.
So, YEAH for that!
 Spring has sprung here in the Carolinas.
Trees, like this can be seen all over town.
I think this is a Bradford pear?
The pollen is out of control too.
That part.. I hate.
 Even so, I'm still trying to enjoy my lunch outside every chance I get.
Brad and I try and bring our lunch every day because not only is it A HELL of a lot cheaper but it's also healthier.
I have to really to plan things out to make sure we're covered each day though.
 Speaking of food.
I saw these at the store last night and wished I could bring the whole tub home and eat them and not feel bad.
Those days are over.
I can't remember the last time I had a Cheetoh or cheesy puff.
Well, maybe not..
I think I might have stolen one from our niece or nephew when at the beach this past Summer.
 Last but not least.
Many of you probably do not realize it but Brad and I commute to work together.
It's been about an year and half now.
It sucked at first but we've gotten into a routine.
Latley, he's been driving us to work.  During this time he listens to sports talk radio and I read.
Then, I drive home and we chat and listen to music.
But, there is at least one day a week where we drive alone because of after work events.
Those are fun days.
Sometimes I blare my music and roll down the windows and other days I talk on the phone all the way to the office.
So, today is a good day because we have a blogger happy hour after work and I drove to work alone!
And, that's all I have for today!
Back tomorrow with deets on the happy hour!
Happy Spring!


Leigh Powell Hines said...

You do a great job of taking photos of yourself. I need to figure that out on mine.

Why don't you like commuting with Brad? It is like having a chauffer. Ha!

Lots of great tidbits in your post today.

Unknown said...

Im still obsessed with my beagle! I love your outfits the pink is awesome, but you look great in red! I am trying to make summer plans, too. I think we are going to do the outer banks which I am excited about.

donatelli98 said...

Love the brain dump Dee!! Not sure I could handle commuting that much with D. I kind of like my 15 minutes of silence!

Cheese Balls - LOVE THEM!!

Sara said...

So jealous that you can make it to the gym 5 days a week! I'm lucky to make it once. I've got to start going in the mornings. Something always comes up in the evenings where I can't go.....and let's face it....I'm ready for a glass of wine anyway!

You should be obsessed with Buddy - he's adorable!

Love that you get to eat lunch outside so much too. I agree with Spring. I never know what to wear!

I Do Declare said...

There are Bradford Pears all over DC and they are GORG! It looks like it's snowed!

Have fun w/ the bloggers!

Monica said...

I'm glad you talk to Buddy. I talk to my Max like he is human. In some ways I think he is human. I really think he understands what I'm saying. I carry him around like he's my little baby. The dog seriously doesn't walk. I carry him from room to room. Haha!

MCW said...

I love Bradford Pears! One of my favorite spring time tree...

Wiz said...

I wouldnt want to commute with John because I love my loud music BUT your idea sounds good. I am lucky to be able to read in the car! Love all the pictures. I am so glad that it is finally warming up!