Friday, March 2, 2012

My Favorite Places I've Been

I highlighted my top three places I want to visit here in the United States yesterday, today I'm talking about my four favorite places I've already visited.

Those who know me are not surprised by this. I absolutely adore this city. I have visited, umm, I can't count how many times giving that I use to live in driving distance.
It's the energy, the beauty, architecture, and more that I love about San Fran.
 I spent my 30th birthday there with my Mom and all my West Coast besties.
 And, we even spent part of our honeymoon in the City by the Bay.
As you know, one of my best friends lives there too so we're already planning another visit this October.
Second on my list is the Grand Canyon.
I too, lived in driving distance of this beautiful place at one point and time.
It was my Mom, again, who traveled with me for my(and her)first visit.
I'll never forget when I saw it for the first time.
It was SOOO much bigger and magnificent than I had ever imagined!
It's true, pictures and even seeing the Grand Canyon on television don't come close to comparing what it's like in person.
 I had planned a trip a few years back to hike to the floor of the Canyon and stay at the Havasupai Village but a few months before there was a huge flood and the Village was severely damaged so we canceled.
That is still a trip I would like to do.
You can tell by this picture below that my fetish for wine and cheese everywhere is nothing new.
This was 11-years ago friends.
 Nothing like sipping a Pinot and looking at the Canyon.
Some people have laughed about our proximity to the ledge and us drinking.
Third on my list is DC.
This is another city that I cannot count how many times I've been to.
I went as a kid with my 7th grade class, I've spent the 4th of July on the Capitol Lawn,
my cousin and I use to spend every other Christmas season there, I was there this past Summer and Fall.
 I think my favorite thing about DC is the history and the fact that you can always find something to see or do that you haven't before.
They're always updating them museums and who can get  tired of seeing the memorials?
I also love the shopping in Georgetown and the restaurants.
BTW - how cheesy is the photo below?
This too, probably does not come as a shock.
I do love me some wine country!
And, I am much more fond of Napa than Sonoma.
Read here for a refresher.
It doesn't hurt either that I have a good friend who works at Flora Springs who gives us private tours and barrel tastings.
 While back in the Bay Area this October, we're planning another visit to good ole' Napa.
Not that I haven't been there enough!
What are some of your favorite US cities or areas to visit?
Are any of these on your list?


donatelli98 said...

If you ever decide to hike the canyon again - let me know - I will go with you! Seriously!! I have a friend doing it next weekend. It's sort of on my bucket list! I love SF too!! So fun!! DC and Napa - never been but want to oh so bad! I am holding off on DC until Bia is a little older, then plan to do a family trip.

Ashley said...

I have been to 1,2 and 3 and WOULD LOVE TO go to #4. I loved shopping near Georgetown too and it was xmas time when I did.
I was only at the GC for hour. And SF for 48 hours :(

Leigh Powell Hines said...

I would love to go to all of them. I've been to a few, but would love to go back.

Kate said...

All great cities that I, too, love VERY much!! :) I need to know, where'd you used to live?

Nikki said...

I'm nervous just looking at you at the edge of the Grand Canyon. My favorite memory was peeing on the west side of the canyon when my dad was trying to get pictures from different angles...I made him stop because I had to go so bad. I think he got a picture of a full moon instead ;) I love SF too

Ashley said...

I love DC! Thats the only place on here I've been :) I have always wanted to go to Napa Valley and the Grand Canyon. I hope I get to go sometime!

Unknown said...

You are so cute! I just found your blog by blog surfing tonight. So glad I did!!! XXO

Anonymous said...

Shannan and I vote Savannah and Key West, but we haven't really explored out West. Most of our travel is international.

Tricia said...

Sadly, I've only been to one of these places...and obviously it's DC since it's right here. :) Napa Valley is huge on my list. I can only imagine how fabulous that is. :)

Wiz said...

My husband and I are throwing around the idea of going to Napa next year for our ten year anniversary. I love me some wine! And I would love to go back to Santa Cruz which was such a beautiful place.

My favorite place though..Vegas. And we dont even really gamble. The food, the shows, the shopping, the pools. Its a different vacation everytime.