Friday, March 23, 2012

Are You One of 'Those' People?

The one and only time Brad ever visited my office, his remarks were, 'Oh, Geez, you're one of those people'.
He was talking about all the personal photos I have in my cube.
This is nothing new.
I've been like this everywhere I've ever worked.
Even, when I shared a desk in a newsroom.
It makes it more homey in my opinion.
It's also no secret that I totally love taking pictures and looking at them.
And, the obsession didn't start when I started this blog.
I've always been that way.
So, here's a little tour around Dee's work cube.
This picture frame is probably 12 years old.
I think I put it together when I lived and worked in Vegas - hence the casino and bar picture.
They're some of my best friends and I love seeing their faces during my day.
From left to right -- Cathy and I sipping apple martinis back in the day, Jodee and I after she hit a jackpot, and my best friend Rebekah and her hubs Rob.
 Which leads me into the next picture.
Yet, another one of Rebekah when we were in our friend Alicia's wedding 5-years ago.
 Then there's the montage that I switch up from time to time.
The one with the bow is all my Aunts.
Since then, we're one short.
 Then, there's a wedding picture and of course a framed picture of Buddy.
There's also a beagle statue that a co-worker gave me.
 On the other side a picture of Kathleen and I from this past September.
 And, when you're walking up to the cube de' Dee, you'll see our ski picture from our anniversary trip to Park City.
That's not it, as you can see in the background there's an entire display to my alma mater, LSU.
I did an entire post about my LSU shrine when I first started this blog but can't seem to find it.
Just take my word for it. I represent.

Ridiculous or what?
I've never had anyone say anything to me about it though.
My cube is always tidy despite personal pictures everywhere.
Tell me, are you one of those people to?
What are your thoughts on personal stuff at work?


MCW said...

I'm one of those people too!!!

Unknown said...

My offices got less picture-y the older I got.

Unknown said...
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donatelli98 said...

I am one of those people too - I have pics of the family in my office ... in fact I just ordered some last night to update my frames at work. Even Mr. ESPN has a few in his cube. I also have my diplomas framed and a U of A bball. For as much time as we spend at our desk, I want to have something good to look at!

starnes family said...

Go for it! Do anything to make work a happy place.

starnes family said...

Go for it! Do anything to make work a happy place.

Leigh Powell Hines said...

Unfortunately, I was messy. I wish I had more of that in me. I had photos framed, but then got buried with all the papers. I like your office.

Monica said...

Yes! I am one of THOSE people. I love looking at pictures and getting lost in fun memories. It keeps me sane during the work day to be able to look up and see a picture of someone I love and think back to the memory of that photo. I hate it when people don't personalize their space!

donna said...

Hahaha. I am not one of those people.

At least you have actual people pictures...I've got some coworkers who has shrines for their cats and dogs. LOL! Well, heck, we all spend more time at the office than at home...why not surround yourself with stuff that makes you happy :)

Tricia said...

Girl, I'm right there with ya! I love surrounding myself with memories from friends and family. It makes the work day brighter. It must be a guy thing to remove any personal item from his desk. My husband has no evidence around his desk that he has life outside of work. :) BTW - we were in Wilson, NC this past weekend. I need to move south. I'm too far north here in B'more. :)

Mom of 12 said...

I think it's your office, decorate it however you want.

Ashley said...

YES!! not so much at THIS place, but my previous jobs. I have ALWAYS had pictures up all over.