Sunday, January 11, 2015

Shelby's First Trip to the Dentist

This week marked Shelby's first trip to the dentist!
We have a great dentist, that is also a friend of ours here in town, but he doesn't specialize in pediatric so I made the decision to find one who does and I'm so glad that I did!

Steele Creek Pediatric Dentistry is near Shelby's school and our house, so I booked her appointment for 3:30pm this past Thursday afternoon.
I had tried to let her know what to expect but I still think she was a little taken back.
Of course, she loved all the toys in the waiting room and got excited to pick out a Frozen toothbrush.
 But, she wasn't so sure when it came time to get in the chair.
They originally asked me to get in the chair and hold her, but I just knew she would be okay on her own.
 They had TV's overheard, but that didn't really seem to interest her.
When it was all said and done, I held her in a regular chair and leaned her back into the hygienist's lap so she could clean her teeth.
 Then Dr. Goodman came to say hi!
Thank goodness she's female because Shelby is so timid of most men, that we would have never even gotten this far.
 From there she was able to paint fluoride on her teeth.
I was impressed!!
I think she did remarkable for a first timer!
 The visit ended with a token for the toy machines in the waiting room which was the icing on the cake for Shelby.
She left there in GREAT spirits and excited!
Shelby got a clean bill of health and has 18-teeth.
We discovered when there that her 2 top molars had just popped through.
I thinking that's why she was a crankpot last week.
That and the transition from the holidays back into reality.
Didn't we all have a tough one last week?

All in all, the visit went better than I expected! We are so proud of her!


Allena said...

I need to get Drew's scheduled. I don't think we took Trent until 3, ha. But now with 2 kids I actually think it'll be easier because we can do them together. I imagine I'll have to hold Drew too. Drew is getting her incisors FINALLY on the bottom, so I think her molars are a ways off - which is so weird because Trent got his 2 year molars at like 22 months. He was always super early with teeth and she has been super late. So funny how different siblings can be, even with something like teeth. What's even weirder is they have the exact same teeth!

Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

Shelby is precious!