Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Crazy Fun Week

I feel like I have been MIA here on the blog, but it's all for a good excuse.
There's been a LOT of fun happenings around here that I'm going to break out into several posts.

Today, just a brief overview of the past week, or as in the corporate world it's termed, 'high level'.

One of my best friends made a stop in Charlotte last Wednesday.
It's pretty ridiculous, but I had not seen her in 7-years!!
We were sorority sisters in college and lived in Vegas at the same time but in the last 7-years we both met our husbands, got married with 2-months of each other(causing it to be where we didn't travel to each others weddings), and had baby girls within 3-months of each other.
The good news is, her family is relocating from Vegas to Chicago here in the next few months and it will be MUCH easier to visit.
Can't WAIT to get the girls together.

Instead of going out, we hosted her in our home.
Delta Gammas!!
By having dinner in our home, it gave her a chance to meet Buddy and Shelby and we didn't feel rushed to get a 2-year old out of a restaurant!
The visit was so fun, but too short.
Can't wait to do it again in Chicago!
Last week I also had a JamBerry party, and some low-key time at home with Miss Shelby, who happens to be doing pretty good with the potty these days(more on that in another post).
By the time Friday rolled around the weather warmed up and we enjoyed a great weekend out and about.
That included a play date Saturday morning with Shelby's best friend from school.
We took the girls to Discovery Place Huntersville and it is perfect for toddler aged kids.
They have absolutely thought of everything for 'pretending'.
Pretend vets office..
This was my favorite.
Huge area to run and play, water tables and more.
These two ran so hard and fast I thought I had lost Shelby a couple of times in there!
Shelby and MaKayla's favorite was the grocery store.
She also spent a large chunk of time acting as a paramedic.
Later in the afternoon, we went to my cousin's for a cookout on their new Green Egg and got to meet our friend Kelli's new pooch that she brought in tow.
Sunday was another gorgeous day and we went to yet another cookout over at BIL and SIL's house.
Where Shelby got some time in on the swings with her cousin Paige.
I also had a baby shower(that's another post).
Then the weekend was topped off by having Monday off and I was able to hit up a few runs at one of our mountain ski resorts.
Gorgeous day, great conditions and great company with my co-worker.
Cheers to a great week and weekend!
More on the rest of the fun in the next few days.
Hope you had a great week too!!


Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

I love that pretend vet's office! You stay so busy Dee!!!

Allena said...

You make my life look so boring, ha!

Unknown said...

I love seeing her loving on Brad, Daddy's Girl. I am so proud of Brad and the great Dad he is, being so patient with her. Proud to have him as a Son in Law.
Dad (Wally Wallace)