Monday, January 26, 2015

Cousin Sleepover

This past Saturday night we had our first cousin sleepover with our niece and nephew on Brad's side!
In an effort to have some sort of activity to do with all the kids we did 'make your own pizzas'.
Brad is the pizza king so this was right up his alley.

The kids got into it too even though the niece and nephew won't eat anything but cheese on their pizzas!
Brad made the famous family dough recipe and gave the kids a lesson in getting it right.
 I love this picture that captures our nephew pounding his pizza dough out!!
 Then onto rolling it out!
 As you know we love to cook and have Shelby involved so we had enough utensils for all the kids and they loved that.
Can you imagine them trying to share?!
NO! ha!
 As I mentioned, our niece and nephew only wanted cheese on theirs but Shelby loves olives and tomatoes so we added some of those to hers.
 It was a lot of fun and a great chance to make memories.
I say this about everything, but maybe we'll do it again and make it an annual event.
 Good times eating their masterpieces!
 After dinner the boys retreated to play video games downstairs and us girls watched the original Annie.
I love that movie..even after all these years....
Everyone in the Northeast is bracing for a blizzard and I secretly wish we were getting a little bit of it just to have a few days off and hunker inside!
No such luck it seems..........


Allena said...

Shelby looks so excited in that first picture! What a fun time for all.

donatelli98 said...

So fun!! Is Shelby sucking her thumb?! Love the original Annie. The new one is cute but the original is the best!

Mandy said...

I need Brad to give me a lesson in pizza dough making! Also, love Shelby's smile. She looks so proud!