Sunday, February 9, 2014

Happy Valentine's Week!

Happy Valentine's Week!
I use to loathe the holiday but since meeting Brad I have a different attitude.
In fact, we almost got married on Valentine's Day but decided to schedule it the next weekend instead.

I wasn't a fan of the holiday for the longest time, because of bad memories in high school when every single girl in school would receive flowers from someone and I never got anything.
It was embarrassing, and depressing.

Now, I'm not really even into receiving flowers, instead just a nice meal and quality time.

So, in the spirit of Valentine's Day, I went ahead and made fun treats for Shelby's teachers.
It's predicted that we're suppose to get some winter weather mid-week, so to play it safe, I decided to have her take them tomorrow.

I got the idea of Valentine popcorn from Dixie Delight's blog post.
Microwave popcorn.
Drizzle with candy melts.
Throw on some M&M's.

I packaged them up in bags with personalized stickers.
I think they're cute.

 Shelby received her Valentine from her Grammy and Paw Paw.
It included books, candy, Valentines and a stuffed bear.
 Baby girl got ahead of herself this morning and fell and busted her lip.
Not fun, but it happens and it's part of growing up.
 We're planning on celebrating Valentine's Day Friday night with dinner at a friend's country club.
The sitter is booked and we're excited!
Enjoy your week!


starnes family said...

Happy week to you! I'm somewhat indifferent about the day. Another way to show love. I'm down with that, but we don't make a big fuss.

donatelli98 said...

Too cute! I am going to make heart shaped chocolate chip cookies again for the girls' teachers.

Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

I also hated Vday for years!! Now I love it. Shelby's school treat looks sooo good!!

MCW said...

You must have booked that sitter way in advance! Have a blast with your hubby. Xo

Ashley said...

you are SOOO good with your treats for the school teachers! the stickers and all! I love it. Oh, ps, wait Ill email you :)