Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Five

It's Friday and it has literally been the busiest, craziest week at work.
I'll be glad to kick back a little this weekend.
I'm following the trend today and doing a Friday Five.
#1. Love getting dressed up
Sadly, Brad and I don't get out much for adult only nights.
A lot of it has to do with the lack of a reliable sitter when we do want to go out.
I'm working on that.
Last weekend though, my parents were in town to help us out with Shelby and we were able to attend Brad's cousins engagement party.
It was at a super swanky condo in the Myers Park area of town and it gave us an excuse to put on fancy clothes and hit the town!
 I should have taken more pictures at the party of the food and setup.
It was catered by Reid's Fine Foods and was delicious!
The party gave us a chance to hang out with family members of Brad's that we rarely see who were in town.
And, we even got a family photo with Brad's parents and BIL and SIL.
 #2. My parents
We're so lucky that they live fairly close and are always willing and ready to keep her overnight for us when we want to get out of town.
They've been doing this for us since she was a mere 3-months old so Shelby is VERY use to them.
They make an effort to see her once a month.
#3. As I mentioned in a previous post, my Dad has been staying with us all week.
Shelby loves it and can't wait to see him every morning.
He can't drive for a few more weeks, but I'm taking him home this weekend and he'll rough it on his own for a week until my Mom gets back from Louisiana from helping my brother who had surgery.
 #4. Dinner with a close friend
I had dinner with my friend Katie last night.
Always good to see her and as I mentioned above, it's always fun to get out for some adult time.
 #5. Minnie Mouse Birthday Party
Our friends in San Francisco had a Minnie Mouse 3rd birthday party for their daughter at their yacht club.
I can't help but share a few pictures because it was beyond adorable.
 They had a balloon guy and face painters on hand.
 Cookie decorating...
 And, Minnie Mouse bounce house.
 So cute.
Bummer we don't live closer and could have helped Dylan celebrate turning 3!
That's all I have for today.
I can't believe tomorrow we're in the month of March.
I'm ready for Daylights Savings Time like you would not believe!
CHEERS to Friday!!!


Sarah O said...

You look amazing Dee! Please share some of your slimming down secrets.

starnes family said...

Love your black top. Darling!

What a cute party. Love Minnie.

donatelli98 said...

Grandparents are the best!!