Monday, February 17, 2014

An Unexpected Winter 'Break'

Tomorrow we go back to work after nearly an entire week of being home.
An unexpected 'winter break' of sorts.
Fun at first, but I have to say after 3-days homebound because of winter weather, we were stir-crazy and I'm actually ready to get back into our routine.

As to what our 'unexpected break' consisted of?
Watching it snow...
Baking and cooking.
We all ate and drank WAY too much over the past week.
Wasn't much else to do...
Except watch this munchkin play and play and play and play.......
Shelby's school was closed Wednesday, Thursday and Friday...
She finally mastered her Sit and Spin!
Big day!!!
Thank goodness for our neighbors Bryan and Shannan.
They came over 2 different nights.
Shelby really got into showing off for them too.
Super cute..
Valentine's Day we had a sitter booked to go out, but giving the roads weren't totally clear, of course she canceled.

So, we spent the day and night with Shelby.
(while both semi working from home)
She spent time with her Valentine's bear.
Cooking a little more...
And, we ventured out for the first time in 3-days to celebrate Valentine's Day with a lunch.
The main roads were starting to clear but side roads and parking lots were still a mess.
Even so, it got us out and about.

How cute is she with her Daddy?

Friday evening we both agreed we had to GO somewhere or DO something before we went absolute nuts.
So, on Saturday we headed up to my in-law's house and let them watch Shelby for a few hours while we enjoyed an adult lunch at nearby Childress Winery.
We always love visiting Childress.
It's become at least a 1x a year event for us.
We enjoyed a bottle of wine and the most decadent lump crab pimento cheese appetizer.
This was so filling that the flat bread we ordered we could barely eat!
Then back to visit with Brad's parents.
So great to see them and for them to spend some QT with Miss Shelby.

We came home yesterday(Sunday) and Brad was feeling under the weather with yet another bad cold.
I sneaked out and enjoyed a girl's night with a few friends enjoying dinner and the movie 'August: Osage County'.
Then today, Shelby went back to school and we were still off for President's Day.
Brad was feeling better so we had a date day and went and saw the movie 'Lone Survivor'.

Back to reality.
At least for a few days.
We're actually leaving Thursday for our anniversary trip to the mountains!!
I love how we've made it a priority to go somewhere by ourselves every year to celebrate.
Something special about it.
Hope you guys had a great start to your week.


Tricia said...

I'm getting caught up on blogs. :) I can't believe you were out for an entire week! Although I'm sure you loved every second of the mini-vacation. :) Shelby is just adorable, and that smile...goodness it melts your heart.

starnes family said...

I loved both of those movies.....fantastic!

Glad yall got out. It all sounds like fun to be snowed in and then you start to lose your mind.

Sarah O said...

Sorry to hear your Valentine's Day sister fell through. I love the mother/daughter all read outfits. So cute!

Mandy said...

I'm dying to see Lone Survivor. Not sure if it'll make it's way here or not. Was it good? Love that ya'll do something special for your anniversary. Ours started out with great trips and have progressively gott worse. This year we won't even be together. I hate that!

Sara said...

Oh my goodness....that red hat and coat on Shelby is beyond precious!!
And yes - cabin fever fo sho!! We were stuck inside for 5 days straight back in January when an ice storm hit here and I thought I might lose my mind!! Thank goodness for bubbly and wine :)

Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

I absolutely love that you do a trip every year to celebrate your anniversary. How was the O Sage movie?

MCW said...

I love all of Shelbs aprons. She is set!

donatelli98 said...

Crazy weather! Can't wait to hear about you anniversary trip!

donna said...

Crazy weather. I wish we would have scheduled a trip to a warmer place. Oh well. Cabin fever definitely kicked in. Hope y'all have a great trip!

Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

Seriously, Shelby has THE cutest little outfits! I love the red winter outfit, cute things H.G. will never get to wear :( but I can't complain about the lack of snow, though it is beautiful. As always, y'all look great!

Anni said...

Ok- where did you find the lilly apron! Love! I would LOVE to drop my babies at my in-laws and do a day date to Childress but I'm thinking they would never go for that. Did you like Lone Survivor? Jay got a bootleg copy and we watched it at home but I thought there was just soooo much shooting.