Sunday, February 23, 2014

4th Anniversary Skiing

We had a whirlwind of a weekend with our trip to the mountains, engagement party, baby shower and family in town.
Today, I'm going to highlight our quick jaunt up to the NC mountains to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary.

As I've mentioned before, we try and get away or do something each year to celebrate our anniversary.
It's truly one of the only times we get away by ourselves to do something.
That means, no friends, just the two of us.

We didn't want to spend a ton of money this year so we decided to do a quick trip to Beech Mountain in Banner Elk.
We originally were going to stay Thursday, Friday and Saturday but we came back a day early because of a family party.

Thursday was our actual anniversary, so after work we headed straight up there.
Thanks to my awesome parents who are always willing to watch Shelby for us when we want to get away.
After arriving on Beech Mountain we enjoyed a casual dinner of wine and pizza.
It happens to be my favorite!
 Gosh, we look tired.
Probably because we were after a full day of work then driving up.
 Afterwards we went back to our lodge and enjoyed a nice fire, some wine and chilled out.
Great start to a fun couple of days.
 Friday morning proved to be VERY nasty outside.
HUGE storms rolling through the area.
The forecast showed it was going to clear out around lunchtime, so we spent the morning browsing around town and skied in the afternoon.

The Mast General Store is always a must.
 Love the old fashioned candy store.
 Of course, there was a Boo for sale.
Not sure the obsession with this stuffed toy?
Cute, but $25?
No thanks.
 Then, the sun came out and we hit the slopes!
Brad forgot a hat so wore a turtle on his head.
Ridiculous for sure.
 The conditions??
 We did about 5 runs then hit up the mountain top bar for a few beers.
 Not a shabby view.
Beech Mountain Resort has really stepped up their game in the last few years.
This new bar and deck, a village and even a brewery!
 It happened to be 80's weekend and it was so fun!
We aren't 'dress up' people but it was amusing to see everyone else's costumes.
 After a few beers on the mountain top we headed down to check out the brewery.
 I was pretty impressed.
 All of them were delicious.
 And, this guy treated everyone to a round.
 And, we got to meet the brew master himself.
Crazy part, he's from Charlotte originally and we know a lot of mutual people.
 After getting cleaned up, enjoying a nice dinner, we headed back to the resort for the big 80's party.
It was truly a blast!
Brad needed a hat so wore my pink one! 
We look redic, but, as Brad said...
Everyone did giving it was an 80's party.
 A blast of a quick few day away!!!
We just wish the ski conditions had been better!
Happy Anniversary to us!


starnes family said...

Skiing makes me so happy. Can't wait to see Shelby on skis!

KTBFerg said...

I know the brew master! ;)

donatelli98 said...

Looks like fun!

donna said...

Fun! Happy Anniversary to y'all!

Sara said...

Happy Anniversary to y'all!! Cheers to forever! :)

Ya'll should've worn jeans and gators for 80's day on the slopes! ha!! Or was that early 90's???

Sarah O said...

It looks like you had such a great weekend! I've never been skiing but it's on my list. I think I'll choose a place with a fun mountain top bar like you.

Anni said...

So fun! I haven't been able to ski in at least 3 years because of pregnancy, nursing, etc. I am so pumped for this upcoming winter. Jay would totally have done the turtle as a hat thing too. I had no idea beech had done all of that.