Sunday, December 15, 2013

Life Scoop

Time for a little life scoop on this Sunday.

I took Shelby in for her year doctor's appointment.
She's an official toddler now that she can stand on the scale instead of being put in the baby scale.
23.5 lbs and 30.5 inches tall.
She's 90th percentile for height.
She is a mess these days.
This is her in the doctor's office playing with my scarf.
Shelby and her bestie were dressed as twinkies at school on Friday.
MaKayla's mom snapped this picture and sent it to me.
No, they aren't generally in the same crib together.
Speaking of MaKayla, we went to her 1st birthday party Saturday afternoon.
The weather was terrible here in the Carolinas but we ventured out.
These two have such a great time together.
So sweet to see.
MaKayla got dolled up for her smash cake.
Shelby didn't know what to think?
She got a taste of cake too.
After the 1st birthday party we went home and did a wardrobe change and went to our friend Kelli's annual Christmas party.
Last year we didn't go because Shelby had just been born.

I got to catch up with Amanda again.
Kelli went all out with her food.
Shrimp, bacon wrapped scallops, ham rolls and much more!
Love Kelli!
She did an awesome job and threw quite a party!
Attempted to do some Christmas shopping today but I have pulled my back out again.
It's a pinched nerve that I've had issues since a car accident back in 1998.
Carrying a 23-pound baby up and down 3 sets of stairs has not helped the situation.
Pretty sure, I'm finishing up everything online from here on out.

A few more holiday parties this week, then a week from today our annual holiday open house(last year we took a break).
Hope you all had a great weekend!!


Mariel C. said...

I LOVE the picture of you 2 moms with your gorgeous girls! All 4 of the outfits are toooo darling.

And what a fun Christmas party! That antipasto tree is hilarious.

Annie said...

Tis the season! I love seeing Elena at Kelli's party! Charlotte is a small town sometimes!

Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

You look fabulous and I love your pink shirt!

starnes family said...

Cute parties! Love the red and blue.

Enjoy these last few days of shopping! Even online.....I did plenty of it this year!

Sara said...

Online shopping is the only way to go! You look great!!!

Tricia said...

A toddler? How did that happen? She's growing so quickly! :) Love all the party pics. So fun this time of year! And again, I love the pink top on look gorgeous!!