Monday, December 23, 2013

2nd Annual Stephens Family Holiday Open House

Last December was nutzo.
Waiting around for a baby then having a baby.
Getting our grips on being parents and what in the heck we were suppose to be doing.

Because of all of that we laid low on doing any sort of holiday get together.
This year, we were/are BACK!

We decided to do our Holiday Open House again.
It was a huge success in 2011 when we did it on December 23rd.

But, that was before a kid and we made it a night time get together the night before Christmas Eve.
Click here for details.
We were all totally hungover on CEve so we opted to have the party on the 22nd this year.

A hot, rainy December day.
Not just drizzle.
Torrential rain.
Also, there was a big game being played downtown.
Saints vs. Panthers.
So, our turnout wasn't what we had hoped but it was still good.

I kept the decor the same from Shelby's first birthday.
We had people over from 3pm to 7pm.
Brad and I actually made the cupcakes together.
We had ham, roastbeef, cheeses and crackers.
And, the best mac and cheese ever!
I'm not even kidding.
After having a few failed attempts at making a dry mac and cheese I googled an easy, cheesy recipe.
I found it on the French's website of all places.
Seriously, the best.
 So freaking hot.
75 degrees.
I did the hot chocolate bar again though along with beer, wine, egg nog and punch.

Sara and her Mister showed up.
 Matt and Kim.
 It was great to see everyone.
 Including the Reedy family.
 Jay and Brad were fraternity brothers at Virginia Tech together.

My first cousin Katie and her husband.
 Family, neigbors and more.
Gilfriend is on the move!
 Obsessed with sitting on the steps.
 Good times for sure.
A little more low-key than last time but we do have a 1-year old and having a night time rager isn't really our thing anymore.
 Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!
Going offline for a couple of days!!


starnes family said...

Shelby is on the move! Great party. Yall look darling and the food looks divine!

Ashley said...

I want to come to one of your parties!! you are such a fabulous hostess!

donna said...

Great party! You are looking fabulous in all your festivities.

MCW said...

You guys really partied the whole holiday!!! Looks like some of 1st party decorations carried over through the holidays.