Friday, December 20, 2013

Holiday Happenings

We're in full holiday mode here in the Stephens household.
We're off for the rest of the year and we are excited about next week!
Santa is coming to town!
Last night we made our annual trek to McAdenville aka Christmas Town USA.
I left work early, got Shelby fed and bathed and in her pjs for the big adventure!

Always worth the trip, even if traffic stinks.
We left home at 5:40pm and got home by 7:20pm.
Shelby generally is in bed by 7pm, so it worked out perfect!
First time seeing the lights!
 She seemed to love it!
When she's older I want to get out and walk around with her.
I had to work today, so that didn't happen last night.
Tons of people were out walking giving that it was 65-degrees last night.
I feel like I live in Louisiana!
If you've never been to McAdenville you should make a point to go if you're in the Charlotte area.
Festive and fun.
In other holiday news, Shelby got a Sit N' Spin from her Aunt Alayna.
She hasn't mastered the spinning but I give it only a couple of months before she's flying around!
I made peppermint whoopie pies for Shelby's teachers.
Easy peasy.
Packaged up nice too.
Tomorrow, brunch with Santa and Mrs. Claus!
Stay tuned for tons of pictures!!
Merry Christmas!

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starnes family said...

That town is picture perfect. And, I love Shelby's face looking at the lights. Precious.