Thursday, December 12, 2013

2013 Charlotte Blogger Ornament Exchange

I'm loving all the holiday parties and events we've been invited to this year.
Christmas is my 2nd favorite holiday behind 4th of July and I can't get enough.
Last night I attended the 2nd annual Charlotte blogger ornament exchange.
In 2012 I was a little busy having a baby, so didn't make it.

This year's exchange was held at Classic Annie's lovely home.
Such a beautiful place and perfect for entertaining.
Her tree and holiday decor was magical.
It was so funny.
There were over 30 bloggers in attendance and Classic Annie mentioned that we didn't need 35 appetizers so some people could bring wine or something else.
Well, guess what?
Only one person brought an appetizer and the rest of the girls brought wine and desserts!!
I had to laugh!
Below is the lonely appetizer with the gobs of wine and other booze filled drinks.
What a great group.
I met so many new people.
And, caught up with some old friends.
 How cute is A. Liz's bump??
 There were so many people that we split the exchange into two groups to speed things up.
 I was #1 in the patio group and picked this Radko then exchanged for something else at the very end.
 Group in the living room.
 Group on the patio.
 So much fun.
I sure hope Beth invites us all back!
The highlight of my night was meeting a new blogger who's from Arkansas too.
She's from a VERY small town and we know some of the same people.
Who would have thought!?
 And, the second biggest highlight was getting this picture of the 3-pregos.
Mindy, Anni and A. Liz.
 Thanks again to Beth for doing all the work!
Happy Holidaying!


starnes family said...

I love the blogging world. Such good peeps!

Rachel said...

Fun times!! Nice to see you on Wednesday :)

And I love that pic of the cute pregnant girls at the end. Adorable bellies!!

Tricia said...

Damn...that's a lot of bloggers. :) Such a fun looking night with some gorgeous gals. I've always wondered how many more bloggers are around Molly and I. That would be fun to do. And as you can tell, I'm just getting caught up on all blogs. xo