Monday, December 23, 2013

Brunch with Santa and Mrs. Claus

We're still in full holiday mode here.
We had our 2nd annual Stephens Family Holiday Open House here last night.
I'll post about that tomorrow.

Today, our brunch with Santa from Saturday morning.
Our friend Lynn invited us.
It was at the local eatery, Red Rocks, which happens to be my favorite.

Miss Lynn brought Shelby her Christmas gift.
A baby doll!
It looks a lot like her too.
Of course, she just wants to eat it.
Then Santa and Mrs. Claus showed up!
So fun!
Shelby wasn't all that amused.
The brunch started at 10:15am, which is generally her nap time.
Even so, she did great.
Then a picture with Santa!
Of course she turned her head.
When he came back over for a visit, she was really upset.
She was really tired.
But did manage to give us a smile when it was all said and done.
Her 3rd and final meeting with Santa.
It was a good one!
Thanks to Lynn for suggesting it!
I hope you all are enjoying the holidays as much as we are.


starnes family said...

Sweet Shelby! Nap time is tough. She did well!

Leigh Powell Hines said...

Liza was so scared of Santa until about last year. Now, she loves him.