Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Eve Dinner at Home 2013

As I mentioned in my previous post, we enjoyed Christmas Eve at home after church.
My parents always spend the holiday with us.
My brother and his family live in South Louisiana and his kids are in their 20's so they've been coming her for the last few years.
 Brad's family attends another church service that is on the other end of town and starts at 7pm.
That's Shelby's bedtime.
We prefer to keep on schedule and go to our home church.
So, dinner was just the 5 of us(4 since Shelby was in bed).
 Before putting her to bed Brad tracked to see where Santa was with Shelby.
He was in Africa at the time.
As Shelby gets older, I can't wait to really play up Christmas with all kinds of traditions.
It will be so fun!
 Then meal time.
Brad made his family recipe of roasted red pepper pasta with grilled chicken.
 This is a very special meal for him to make and always a joy for me to enjoy!
This would be my parents first time to have it.
 Mr. Buddy, would NOT be enjoying any pasta.
He's getting thrown so much food from Shelby these days that he ends up getting sick in our bedroom on a weekly basis.
He just doesn't have the stomach for it.
 Slide show running with Christmas tunes.
 More cooking and cocktails.
Heavy cream sauce.
 The finished product.


starnes family said...

That pasta dish looks divine and I love that Brad is such a good cook!

MCW said...

We stay in and make a huge meal on Christmas too! I didn't realize Brad was such a cook.