Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Family Turkey

I know a lot of people are already thinking Christmas and have already decorated their houses for the holidays, including putting up their trees and so forth, but I'm holding out for Thanksgiving.

It almost seems wrong to me to decorate before you eat your Thanksgiving turkey.
So, over here in the Stephens' house we're celebrating each and every day that leads up to the day that marks the Pilgrims coming over on the Mayflower.

I plan on doing a 'Thankful Turkey' craft with Shelby each year starting next year when she understands more about the holiday and is able verbalize, but this year I left the Thanksgiving crafts up to her teachers.

This year, they asked each student/family to decorate a turkey feather to add to the school turkey.
On Sunday we did just that with glitter glue, markers and pom poms.
She loves art and crafts!
On Monday they added her feather to the rest of the grouping!
 Ours may not be the most creative but we had fun in making it!
Not sure why it's hung upside down either, but Brad said they let her hang it that morning, so I'm guessing it was her doing.
I know this is a simple cheesy post, but it's little things like this that I want to remember.
She didn't do anything like this last year, so for me it's pretty exciting!
The countdown to Turkey Day is ON!!


starnes family said...

I love the turkey! Yay for Thanksgiving!

Allena said...

Sweet girl! I agree that we have to record the little memories too - we will never regret having too much written down!