Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Shelby's Great Escape

We're just around 3-weeks until Shelby's 2nd birthday and I knew we weren't far from it, but girlfriend escaped from her crib sooner than thought.

This morning, just as I was finishing getting ready for work, as was Brad, we heard a big THUMP.
I looked at the monitor to discover an empty crib.
No toys, no blankets, no books, no Shelby.

I grabbed my phone and opened her door to snap this photo.
As if she wanted sympathy, almost on the verge of tears.
'Mommy... Fell. Bed..'
I asked her why she got our of her bed.
No answer.
I honestly think she was scared and shocked all in one.
I went ahead and got her dressed for school and went on with the routine as normal.
I'm just wondering where we go from here??

Not going to lie, I'm really not ready for a bed transition right as we enter the holiday season.
We have get togethers scheduled here, she'll be left with grandparents and sitters.
It's just not the right time.
I'm going to try and postpone it until after New Years by putting her in a sleep sack at night and putting it on backwards so she can't unzip it.

Someone mentioned dropping the mattress to the floor, but I'm not sure that's going to work for us.
We're thinking we would have to put it on blocks or something.
Her crib converts to a toddler bed, but again, I'm just not wanting to go there until after the 1st of January.


Allena said...

I definitely think the sleep sack is the right answer. Trent asked to stop sleeping in his sack right before he turned 2 and climbed out of his crib right after 2. Coincidence? Nope! That sack is HUGE in keeping them in their beds. If she will sleep in it, I think that's what you do. My friends with girls seem to have an easier time (somewhat of a generalization because definitely not 100% true-I'm talking to my niece here, ha) transitioning, but it was a nightmare transitioning Trent - he would NOT stay in his bed. Try the sleep sack for sure!! Hope she stays in it!

Carly Anne said...

What about those crib tents? Check Amazon maybe...