Sunday, November 23, 2014

Beaujolais, Chili Cook-off and More

Happy Thanksgiving week!
We're in full Turkey Day mode here at our house giving we're hosting 12 people on Thursday.
No Christmas decorations to be seen around here, but instead more Fall decorations have come out!
Of course, on Friday all the Christmas stuff will make its way out.

I had big plans to get our house ready for the holiday over the weekend but we were just too busy, then the weather crapped out today.
As to what we've been up to?
Well, on Thursday night I attended the local Beaujolais Festival.
It's an annual thing for me since one of my old friends is the event planner for it each year.
Tons of great wines, entertainment, and food.
 LuLu and Sara joined me for the first time, and I think they enjoyed it as much as I did.
(or at least I hope so!)
 If you're not familiar with Beaujolais, then Google it, the new batch is released every 3rd Thursday in November.
The French go nuts.
There were 7 different varietals for us to try.
 There was also silent auctions items for purchase, but I lost..
 Alexis did a great job as she always does.
Can't wait until next year!
 Friday night we laid low.
Picked Shelbs up from school where she was getting her groove on, then we went home and enjoyed pizza and wine.
 Then Brad's best friend from college was in town from Northern Va, so he and another friend partied down while I went to bed early.
 Saturday, I let the guys sleep in and Shelby and me enjoyed a fun, festive breakfast in anticipation of Thanksgiving.
 I LOVED doing this and already have another fun treat planned for Thanksgiving morning.
Believe it or not, she ate the entire thing!
 In the afternoon, we had our first family photoshoot.
(stay tuned for that)
Then, we finally got to meet our friends Katie and Josh's 6-week old little boy Jack.
What a cutie!
 I thought Shelby might be jealous, but she was really good!
 I was in bed by 8:30pm and today we did all of our shopping for the holiday.
Shelby was adorable with the turkey.
She said..
'Ohhh..wooww.wee.. TURKEY..Mommy!'
 Then, we got ready for a chili cook-off we went to tonight.
Shelby loves helping and watching us cook.
 The cook-off was a blast and probably more fun for the kids!
Anni and Jay have a great place for little ones.
Ultimate playroom!
 And, a bowl of snacks!
 I think there were 8 chilis in all.
 I decided to be different and went with a white cream cheese chicken chili and it was awesome. 
 We came home with zero leftovers.
The winning chili was a spicy veggie one, that I even voted for.
I was told it was even a WW recipe.
I'll have to get it and share.

 Such a great time.
I think Shelby might have even found a boyfriend!
How was your weekend?
What are your holiday plans this week?


Allena said...

How fun! We had a more low-key weekend although I got out with friends TWICE???

Alayna said...

Baby jack is adorable. Brad's face is too funny "no, shelby, no more babies in our house!".

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Gosh, you all have been busy! I have a bottle of Beaujolais from 2 years ago that we haven't opened yet. Maybe when Kev's get home!

starnes family said...

I love your wine outings!!!!! And your turkey food for Shelby is just too cute.